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    Transferring All Requests to a Different Circulation Desk

    To run the Transfer Requests job, you must have the following role:
    • Fulfillment Administrator
    You can move patron requests to be picked up from a circulation desk to a different circulation desk in the same library on the Transfer Requests page. All request process types are transferred (pickup from shelf, hold shelf, etc.). For general information on circulation desks see Managing Patron Services at a Circulation Desk.
    To transfer requests from one circulation desk to another:
    1. On the Transfer Requests page (Fulfillment > Advanced Tools > Transfer Requests), select a library in the Library field in which you want to transfer requests. The From circulation desk and To circulation desk fields are enabled for searching.
    2. Select a circulation desk from which you want to move requests in the From circulation desk field.
    3. Select a circulation desk to which you want to move requests in the To circulation desk field.
    4. Select Run, and select Confirm in the confirmation dialog box. The job appears in the table on the Transfer Requests page.
      Transfer Requests New UI.png
      Transfer Requests Page
    5. Select Refresh to update the job status. When completed, the number of entities that transferred successfully and unsuccessfully appear in the Entities Finished and Entities Failed columns, respectively.
    The From circulation desk and To circulation desk must have identical configuration for requests to be transferred successfully. For example, On Hold Shelf requests cannot be moved to a desk that is not configured to have a hold shelf. For details on configuring circulation desks, see Configuring Circulation Desks.
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