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    Working with Newspaper Electronic Collections


    When you activate a newspaper electronic collection (with no portfolios) from the Community Zone (with a full text or selected full text service type), Alma automatically creates/copies threshold information and display rules (see Display Rules with Activation) to the Institution Zone along with the newspaper electronic collection. This enables Alma to process an OpenURL request to present results through the Alma Link Resolver or Primo View It when certain conditions are met. This applies to newspaper electronic collections identified with a full-text or selected full-text service type.

    Display Rules with Activation

    When you activate a newspaper electronic collection from the Community Zone, Alma automatically creates availability rules or conditions.

    To view the rules that Alma creates when activating a newspaper electronic collection:
    1. Activate a newspaper electronic collection from the Community Zone.
      Activate_Newspaper_Electronic_Collection_in_ the_Community_Zone_02_TC.png
      Activate Newspaper Electronic Collection in the Community Zone
    2. Select the Activate this electronic collection service parameter, the Make service available parameter, configure any other options to meet your requirements (see the Activation Wizard: Electronic Collection and Services Setup table for more information), and select Next.
      Activate Electronic Collection Service
    3. Specify proxy information if needed, and select Next.
    4. For Activation Type, select Manual activation - activate electronic collection and manually select portfolios. Do not select any of the other activation types.
      Manual Activation Type
    5. Select Next.
    6. Select Activate.
    7. Select the Linking tab.
    8. Next to Availability rules, select the Service display condition rules link to view the Service Display Condition Rules page.
      Availability Rules


      Service Display Condition Rules

      By default, there is OR logic applied between the rules identified in the Rule Name column. This means that either of the rules in this example needs to be met in order for the newspaper electronic collection to appear in the Alma Link Resolver or Primo View It.

    9. In the Rule Name column, select the name link to view the details for that rule.
      Rule Details Rule #1


      Rules Details Rule #2
    10. Select Save to complete your activation.

    Viewing Electronic Collections with No Portfolios that have Additional OpenURL Attribute-Related Conditions

    The workflow for viewing electronic collections with no portfolios, such as newspapers, is the same as for other electronic collections. From your electronic collection search results, you select the View It option that invokes the Alma Link Resolver to process the linking information identified in the Linking tab of the Electronic Service Editor that was specified when you activated the electronic collection.
    Prior to viewing electronic collections with no portfolios that have additional OpenURL attribute-related conditions, you need to activate the electronic collection as described in Display Rules with Activation. This step not only activates the electronic collection, but it also creates the rules that are used by the Alma Link Resolver to match against the OpenURL in order to decide whether or not to include the electronic collection target URL in the services list in the View It results. This also sets the service availability status of the electronic collection to Available.
    Service Activation Status
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