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    Creation of NACSIS Borrowing Requests

    The first stage in the integration of Alma with the NACSIS-ILL system is creating a NACSIS ILL request using the 'ILL Request' section of the NACSIS-CAT/ILL cloud app. 


    Creating a NACSIS Borrowing Request

    To create a NACSIS borrowing request:
    1. In Alma, open the Cloud App center and select the NACSIS-CAT/ILL app.
    2. Within the app, open the ILL Request section and select pin panel icon.png to pin the panel to the Alma page.
    3. To start the process, do one of the below, as applicable to your needs:
      If: Do:
      You already have a borrowing request in Alma that was submitted by a patron
      1. Open the Borrowing Requests page (Fulfillment > Resource Sharing > Borrowing Requests). The cloud app's panel displays the existing requests:
        create Bor request 1.png
      2. Select the desired request in the panel and select Next
      You know the bibliographic record for which to want to create the borrowing request
      1. Open the bibliographic record. The cloud app's panel displays the record:
        create Bor request 2.png
      2. Select the record in the panel and select Next
      You want to create a borrowing request from scratch 
      1. Select New Search in the panel and select Next:
        create Bor request 3.png

      The panel displays a list of fields, where the relevant fields are filled in with the values of the bibliographic record you selected or that is linked to the borrowing request. If you opted to create the borrowing request from scratch, the fields are empty. 
      You may want to expand the panel for convenience. Select the expand NACSIS record.png button on the panel. 
    4. Enter or edit the values of the bibliographic record you want to borrow and select Search
      The record, as it appears in the NACSIS catalog, is displayed:
      create Bor request 4.png
    5. To view the full details of this record, select its name or select View in the row actions. 
    6. If this is indeed the desired record, select it via the radio button and select Next
    7. In the page that opens, make your selections to filter the list of holdings you want to search for, and select Retrieve NACSIS Holdings
      create Bor request 5.png
    8. In the page that opens, select the potential lenders to which you want to send the borrowing request to and select Next
      You can submit the borrowing request to up to 5 potential lenders. 
      create Bor request 6.png
      Additional actions you can do on this page:
      To: Do:
      View the full holdings record Select the View Holding in the row actions.   
      create Bor request 9.png
      View the NACSIS member information including the ILL policy Select the member's name or select View Member Information in the row actions.  
      create Bor request 7.png
      Select a specific volume or item linked to the holding record Expand the Vol. (for monographs) or Coverage (for serials) field, and select the desired one. 
      create Bor request 8.png
      Sort holdings list by a specific column The Holdings table can be sorted by a specific column by clicking the column's up arrow (↑).


    9. On the page that opens, you can view and edit the information that currently exists for the NACSIS borrowing request.
      When the page opens, the Rota section is open by default. The metadata of the potential lenders selection is automatically filled. Close it to view the other sections. 
      create Bor request 10.png

    10. Edit the information on this page as needed to get the best results for your borrowing request and select Order
      If your borrowing request was successfully created in NACSIS and in Alma, the message "Create ILL request successfully. Request ID is: .........." appears. 
      If at the first step of this process, you selected to submit a request for an existing borrowing request that was created by a patron, the NACSIS request is updated on that existing borrowing request (an additional borrowing request is not created in Alma). Note that the External Identifier of that existing request changes to the NACSIS identifier.
      If creation failed, a message appears that provides the reason for this, so you can rectify it. 
    11. Copy the NACSIS request ID. To find the request in Alma, paste the ID in the Borrowing Requests search:
      create Bor request 11.png
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