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    Integrating Alma with the HappinessĀ® Gateway

    To configure an integration profile, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator

    For institutions that need to enrich Japanese text using the Happiness transliteration tool, you need to create an integration profile for that purpose. With a properly configured integration profile, you can send a record with the primary Japanese script (Kanji + Kana with no spaces or punctuation between some or all words) from the MD Editor to Happiness using the Enhance the Record feature and, depending how you have configured Happiness, receive back an enriched record with the Morphemes, Kana, and Romanji fields.


    Enhanced Record from Happiness

    Configuring Alma for Happiness

    In order to integrate Happiness with Alma, you must use the Metadata External Enhancement integration type option.

    To configure Alma to work with the Happiness transliteration tool:
    1. From the Integration Profile List page (Configuration Menu > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles), select Add Integration Profile.
    2. Enter a Code and Name for the integration profile.
    3. Select Metadata External Enhancement for Integration Type.
    4. Select Happiness - Japanese Transliteration Tool as the system type for External System.
    5. Optionally, select Default if you want this profile to be your default integration profile, and enter a Description to provide more detail for the profile that you are creating.
    6. Select Next.
    7. On the Definitions page, select Active, enter the URL address for the Happiness server, and enter the Happiness user name and password as needed.
    8. Select Save.

    Using the MD Editor to Enrich Japanese Records

    After you have created the Metadata External Enhancement integration profile for the Happiness transliteration tool, you can use the MD Editor to enrich records using the Happiness - Japanese Transliteration Tool option.

    To enrich a Japanese record using the MD Editor, open or create the bibliographic record that you want to update using Happiness, select Enhance the Record (Edit > Enhance the Record); and from the Choose Normalization Type list of options, select the integration profile that you created with the Happiness - Japanese Transliteration Tool option.


    Happiness Integration Profile Option

    The Happiness transliteration tool determines which field to enrich and returns the transliterated record to Alma. After the enriched record from Happiness appears in the MD Editor and you save the record, normal MD Editor record processing operations such as validation and so forth are available for editing the updated record.

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