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    Social and Email Login


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    To configure social login profiles, you must have the following role:
    • General System Administrator
    Facebook, Google, or Twitter may be used to log in to Alma and Primo (when working with Alma) accounts. The setup below is required to enable the option to email users with an invitation to use social login. The email option may be found in the Manage Users interface for an individual user, or can be sent in bulk in the Update/Notify Users job. The email letter is Social Login Invite Letter (letter code: SocialLoginInviteLetter). An additional letter, Social Login Account Attached Letter (letter code: SocialLoginAccountAttachedLetter), is sent after attaching a user account to a social logic provider. For library staff, the email includes a link which can be used to quickly log in to Alma. A user can also sign in to Primo using email. The email letter for this is Login Using One Time Token Letter (letter code: LoginUsingOneTimeTokenLetter).
    Related information:
    Ex Libris recommends that you use the same social authentication profile on both the sandbox and the production server. In this case, no additional configuration of social login is required on the sandbox after a refresh. For more information, see Recommended Configuration to Account for Sandbox Refresh.
    To configure a social login integration profile:
    1. Ensure that the required social network user identifiers are configure for your institution. See Managing User Identifiers.
    2. On the Integration Profile List page (Configuration Menu > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles) select Add Integration Profile.
    3. Enter the external system information:
      1. Enter (Profile) Code and Name.
      2. Select Social/Email Login as the integration type.
      3. Select the connecting system. Available options are:
        • Facebook
        • Google
        • Twitter
        • Email
      4. Select Next. The Social/Email Login configuration dialog box appears:
        Social/Email Login Integration Profile
    4. The login section defines the required attributes for the OAuth protocol to establish authentication with the external application. The App ID and App Secret are provided by the social network. Select the Allow Login to Alma check box to allow staff to log in to Alma using social/email login or the standard login process. Clear the check box to disable the ability for staff members to use the social/email login option.
    5. When self-registration is set to Active, Alma creates a user for any unregistered user logging into Primo with social authentication. Select a user group to be assigned to the newly created users. Resource sharing library and statistical category may also be assigned to the user if selected in the self-registration setup.
      Self-registration is relevant only for patrons.
    6. Select Save.
    7. Each user must have their social login identifier added to their user account. See Managing User Identifiers (Tab).
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