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    Primo Login Using Email

    A user can sign in to Primo using various options to log in via social networks or email. An integration profile must also be configured for email. See Social and Email Login.

    Patrons who want to authenticate via their email address must have a unique email address. If the email address appears on more than one account in Alma, Primo will not send an email token letter to the patron.

    To log in using a link in an email sent to a registered user with a defined email address:
    1. Open a Primo session and select Sign In. A log in window appears with all social/email options for logging in, as determined by the configured Social/Email integration profiles. Select Sign in with Email.

      Primo email login 1.png
      Primo Email Login

      This dialog box can be configured using the mashup.css file. The text can be modified in the Social Login Labels table. For more information, see Configuring Social Login Labels.

    2. Enter the email address of a registered user. Select Send.

      Primo email login 2.png
      Primo Email Login - Enter Email Address
    3. If the email address belongs to a registered user, an email is sent to the user.

      Primo email login 3.png
      Email Notification

      As a security precaution, the same confirmation message appears regardless of whether the email address is defined in Alma or not. However, if the user is blocked or otherwise not permitted to log in, the user will see a message to this effect after trying to log in using the link.

    4. When the email is received, select the login link from the letter. Selecting the link must be done on the same device on which the user wants to access Primo.

      Primo email login letter.png
      Login letter

      The link in the email is active for one hour. This letter is the Login Using One Time Token Letter. For more information, see Configuring Alma Letters.

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