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    To work with bX in conjunction with Alma, you must define the link resolver base URL in your bX My Profile to point to Alma.

    • If you have not yet registered for bX, perform a bX registration as described in the bX Registration Guide. Ensure that you configure the link resolver base URL as described below.

    • If you have already registered for bX:

    1. Copy the license key (not the token) from the email that you received after registration and paste it into the end of the following URL: <key>

      If you did not receive this email, contact your Ex Libris bX representative.

    2. On the Main Menu page, select My Client Applications. The View Client Applications page opens.

      View Client Applications Page
    3. Select the name of the relevant Primo application. The View Client page opens.

    4. Select Edit Client Attributes. The Edit Client Instance page opens.

    5. Modify the Link resolver base URL field as required. Ensure that you use the following syntax:


      For example:

      Example of Link Resolver Base URL
    6. Select Save.

    • If you want to add a new institution and/or client application, follow the instructions provided in the bX Registration Guide. Ensure that you define the link resolver base URL as described above.

    • There are no actions that need to be performed in Alma in order to configure the bX-Alma integration.

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