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    Working with Catalog Sets in the Metadata Editor

    To work with catalog sets, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Cataloger
    • Catalog Manager
    • Catalog Administrator

    The Set tab in the Metadata Editor allows you to work on sets, or set records, sent for cataloging from the Manage Sets page. 

    Each set is displayed under its own folder. The Sets tab is visible only when it contains records, and disappears when its last record is released/removed.

    catalog sets tab.png

    The Sets tab in the Metadata Editor

    You can do the following on this tab:

    Release Set

    Use this option to release all records included in the set. When you release all set records, the set is removed from the Metadata Editor.

    To release the set:
    1. Right-select the set and select the Release Set option. 
    2. Click Yes in the confirmation message that appears. 
      All the records are released and the set is removed from the Metadata Editor. 

    Release Displayed Records

     Use this option to release only the records that are currently visible in the Sets tab. Records that are filtered out are not released. 

    To release displayed records:
    1. In the filter box at the top of the tab, search for the desired records. 
      The sets with the records matching your search appear. These may not be all the records of the set.  
    2. Double-select the name of the desired set to expand the set, in order to display the matching records.
    3. Right-select the set and select Release Displayed Records
    4. Click Yes in the confirmation message that appears. 
      All the displayed records are released. Records that were not displayed are not released. 

    release displayed records.png

    Releasing only the displayed records

    Reload Original Records

    You can reload the records opened for the set, if changes were done on the bib records elsewhere in Alma, and resets the changes you made to the record in the Metadata Editor.

    To reload set:
    1. Right-select the set and select Reload original records
    2. Click Yes in the confirmation message that appears. 
      The records are refreshed.  

    Creating Sets with BIBFRAME Records

    BIBFRAME instance records can be added to a set. The set can consist of a single record format or can contain multiple record formats, such as instance and MARC.

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