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    November 2019 Sneak Preview

    The features below are currently planned for the next release. However, some of these features may, for various reasons, not be included in this month's release, but rather in a future Alma release.

    Resource Management

    • Multiple integrations for ProQuest Ebook Central - It will be possible to enable multiple integrations for ProQuest Ebook Central for uploading electronic holdings in one institution. This will give support to institutions that have multiple ProQuest accounts.
    • New Link Resolver Service for Unpaywall - A new link resolver service for Unpaywall Open Access articles will be available by default for all institutions (with the option to turn it off if required).
    • Better Management of Local Authority Records - New options will be added for better management of local authority records:
      • Catalog Set - Set of local authorities records can be opened in the MD Editor for cataloging.
      • Filter Set – Filter a set of local authority records using indication rules to create a subset of records with only the records that pass the indication rules conditions.
    • Greater Control in Linking Bibliographic Records to Authority Records - Using Link BIB Headings Rules, you will have the flexibility to define in which cases linking upon save and automatic linking (as part of the link bibliographic headings job) is skipped for bibliographic headings. The process of managing the bibliographic headings records that appear in the Authority Control Task List as a result of the linking job can be streamlined by implementing tags to identify certain types of records.
    • Search and Retrieve Records from the MD Editor - From the MD Editor it will be possible to search and retrieve records from the Network Zone and/or the Institution Zone using copy cataloging functionality.


    • Bulk Actions on Reading Room Loans - When a desk is defined as a reading room desk the "Active hold shelf" task list will have additional two tabs - one for loans that are "At user" and one for loans that are "On shelf", with the option to select multiple lines and move loans in bulk from one tab to the other.
    • idea exchangeIdeas Exchange Delayed Emails - A new configuration option will be added to enable a delay for sending a hold shelf email notice to the patron.

    Collaborative Networks

    • Patron ID automatic identification rules - Members of Fulfillment Networks whose patron IDs are unique across the entire network will be able to implement more efficient walk in loans by not having to select the patron’s home institution before swiping the patron’s ID at the circulation desk. Alma will automatically identify the patron’s home institution. This will allow walk in loans to be performed at self-check stations, in addition to the circulation desks.

    Resource Sharing

    • Push Requests to ILLiad – API - ILLiad may be added to the Alma rota as a supplier of last resort, so that if the request fails to be fulfilled it will be automatically created in ILLiad as a borrowing request, to be fulfilled by ILLiad’s lending strings. The existing email based integration will be improved by implementing a new HTTP based integration.
    • idea exchange Ideas Exchange - Sort Options to Requests Task Lists - The resource sharing task list (borrowing and lending) will be sortable by creation date, last update date and last interest date, in addition to the existing title sort.
    • Push Borrowing requests to Rapid - It will be possible to integrate RapidILL into Alma’s borrowing request rota. The new integration will enable RapidILL libraries to add RapidILL as a partner on the Alma rota. The request will be automatically pushed into RapidILL for further processing if there are matching lendable holdings in RapidILL. If there are no matching lendable holdings in RapidILL then the request will automatically move on to the next partner in the rota.
    • Trigger a Purchase Request Based on a Resource Sharing Borrowing Request - Staff with the relevant privileges will be able to trigger a purchase request based on an existing patron resource sharing borrowing request.


    • New Purchase Requests Subject Area Reports and Dashboard - There will be a new set of Purchase Requests reports as well as a corresponding dashboard for the existing Purchase Requests subject area which was added in the September 2019 release.
    • idea exchange Ideas Exchange - Preferred User Names - Preferred user names will be added as reportable fields to Alma Analytics.
    • Weeding and Receiving Numbers and Dates - Weeding and receiving numbers and dates will be added as reportable fields to Alma Analytics.
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