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    Resources 02: Normalization Rules (11 min)

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    Duration 11 min.
    Description Learn how to create, and test normalization rules in Alma using existing rule templates and rule examples. Understand how normalization rule are used to correct data and by which Alma methods. 
    Target Audience

    General System Administrator

    Catalog Administrator

    Repository Administrator


    Alma Essentials (New UI) > Administration Fundamentals (New UI):  RM-03 Normalization Rules, Merge Methods and Match Methods (New UI) 

    Alma Essentials (New UI) > Resource Management (New UI) > 01 Creating Sets, Running and Monitoring Jobs (New UI)

    Recommended Articles

    Resource Management > Working with Normalization Rules

    Resource Management > Working with Normalization Rules > Normalization Rules Examples

    Administration > Running Manual Jobs on Defined Sets

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