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    Seminars - JULAC Seminar July 2018

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    JULAC seminar July 2018

    Tuesday July 17 9:00-12:30 Central Activation of e-Resources

          1. Activate electronic collection from CZ
          2. Activate electronic collection from CZ and update bibliographic information
          3. Create and activate local electronic collection in NZ

          - Discuss the specific use cases for JULAC
          1. Defining inventory network groups
          2. Attributing inventory network groups to resources
          3. Inventory network groups in Primo, Alma and Alma Analytics

          - Alma repository search reflecting above activities

    Tuesday July 17 2:00-5:30 Central Acquisition of e-Resources

    Wednesday July 18 9:00-5:00 Central Negotiation of e-Resources

          - Tentative and dependent on feedback from previous sessions

    Thursday July 18 9:00-12:30 e-books loading workflows


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