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    Automated Fulfillment Network

    June 2017

    Fulfillment networks in Alma allow your patrons to request resources directly from another institution in the network. Now you can add your fulfillment-member institutions as Resource Sharing partners in Alma, allowing them to join the rota. This provides the added benefit of fulfilling the request by the next partner in the rota in case of rejection by the current partner.

    History of User Record Changes

    June 2017

    Changes made to the user in Alma are now recorded in the Audit tab of the User Details page. In addition to tracking changes made in the Alma UI, changes made by SIS, APIs, linked account refreshes, and the Update/Notify Users job are also captured.

    Create Itemized Sets by Uploading List of Identifiers

    May 2017

    Authority New identifier types are now supported when creating itemized sets using .xlsx, .xls, .txt, or .csv input files. The newly supported identifiers are: ISSN, ISBN, OCLC number, and 035 field.

    Display Copyrights by Default

    May 2017

    You can now configure the Alma Viewer to display the copyrights page of a digital image by default before the image is displayed. To support this new functionality, the Obtrusive copyrights check box was added to the Access Rights Policy page.

    Authority Headings Display Options

    March 2017

    Authority headings display results for preferred/non-preferred records can be expanded with new configurable options to provide greater detail. This is particularly useful in cases where the standard authority headings results display a limited amount of information possibly making it difficult to determine which record to select when more than one record appears with the same information in the results list.

    Delete Holdings Records with no Items

    February 2017

    You can delete holdings records with no items in batch over a given set of titles, and you can also specify a library or location from which to delete. This feature is useful for cleaning up your data, for example following a migration.

    Unlink a Set of records from the Network

    February 2017

    Member-institutions in a Network zone can unlink a desired set of records from the Network Zone in batch. This is useful for making sure that your withdrawn titles don't appear in Alma searches made by other consortium members.

    Resend Printout or Email

    January 2017

    It is now possible to resend selected printouts and emails. Watch this tutorial to learn more.

    New Deposit Functionality for Digital Resources

    January 2017

    A new Deposit functionality was added, allowing patrons to deposit digital material to Alma for inclusion in the digital repository.

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