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360 KB: Routledge Handbooks databases: Title-Level Linking-Syntax URL Change -- February 2024

What is happening to the linking syntax URL of Routledge Handbooks databases?

Routledge Handbooks are moving to the Taylor & Francis platform.

Therefore, we will be changing the title-level linking syntaxes in the Knowledgebase. The content of the databases will remain the same. This will affect all of Routledge Handbooks databases and the changes will occur as the provider update each collection.

Affected collections are listed here: Routledge Handbooks

This change will start on February 16, 2024 and continue until all collections are updated:

Actions you may need to take:

  • If you are a 360 MARC Updates client and have requested the custom specification that adds direct URLs to MARC records, you can expect to see some change records when you get your MARC records after February 16, 2024.
  • Make sure that either or * is included in your proxy configuration.
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