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    Ex Libris Certified Third-Party Software and Security Patch Release Notes


    Ex Libris products use third-party software, including operating systems and platforms. An important aspect of keeping Ex Libris products secured is by updating the third-party software, when necessary.

    Ex Libris maintains third-party security patches for products and services, which are released periodically based on the Ex Libris Security update policy.


    This document lists the third-party software that has been certified by Ex Libris to be used per Ex Libris product version, in accordance with Ex Libris third party and security patches policy.

    Certified Third-Party Software per Ex Libris Product

    The following is a list of third-party software versions that have been certified with Ex Libris products, in accordance with the Ex Libris Third Party and Security Vulnerability policy.

    All third-party software versions that are highlighted in grey are the latest update.

    Third Party Software Certified Third Party Software Version Ex Libris Product Version
    Apache 2.4 MetaLib
    2.2.31 DigiTool
    2.4.29 Aleph 22
    ARC 4.5
    2.4.38 Primo

    Aleph 23.4
    2.4.5 SFX
    2.4.54 Voyager 9.0x-10.3x Campus M Rosetta
    OpenSSL 1.0.2k MetaLib
    ARC 4.5
    Aleph 22
    1.1.1q Voyager 9.0x-10.3x
    Campus M
    Aleph 23.4
    Cognos 10.2.1 Voyager 9.0x
    ARC 4 for Aleph 22,23
    10.2.2(10) ARC
    Java 1.7.0_80 Voyager 9.0, 9.1
    1.7.0_79 Aleph 22
    Digitool SFX
    Aleph 23.4
    1.8.0_212 ARC 4.5
    Voyager 9.2-10.1
    Primo AIO
    11.0.4 Voyager 10.2
    17.0.3 Campus M



    Oracle Aleph 22
    Voyager 9.0, 9.1x
    Digitool ( For Linux version) Rosetta ARC 4.5 Voyager 9.2 - 10.1
    19c CampusM
    Voyager 10.2, Primo
    Aleph 23 (Linux64, no Solaris)

    5.5.25 DigiTool
    7.0.100 Aleph 22
    7.0.109 Voyager 9.0 – 10.1


    Campus M
    Aleph 23.4
    8.5.51 Aleph 23
    8.5.81 Voyager 10.2 - 10.3
    Jboss 3.2.6 DigiTool
    Perl 5.32.1 Voyager 9.0x- 10.3x
    5.8.9 Mealib
    Aleph 22, Aleph 23 
    5.28.1 Rosetta

    Supported O/S versions

    Ex Libris Product Version Certified O/S Version
    Primo Red Hat 7.x
    Sun Solaris x-86 10 and later
    SFX 4 Red Hat 7.x
    Rosetta Red Hat 7.x, Red Hat 8.x
    Aleph 22 Sun Solaris 10 Sparc or x-86
    Aleph 23 Red Hat 7.x
    Digitool Sun Solaris Sparc 10 and later
    Sun Solaris x-86 10 and later
    Verde Sun Solaris Sparc 9 and later
    Metalib Red Hat 7.x
    Sun Solaris Sparc 10 and later
    Sun Solaris 11 SPARC
    Voyager 9.2 Red Hat 7 x86_64
    Voyager 10 Red Hat 7 x86_64
    Voyager 10.2 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 or later 7.x release






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