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    How to allow other customers to view your Salesforce Cases


    Can we allow other customers to retrieve and view our Salesforce Cases?


    Yes.  The Publish tab in the Support Portal is where you can choose to publish your institution's Cases to the Ex Libris user community.  To activate this feature, you will have to accept an electronic agreement and choose if you wish to publish all Cases ever created by your institution, or publish cases from that point forward.  Once you opt in, you can choose to exclude individual Cases from publishing when you first create a new Case.  For customers who are part of a consortium, the Publish feature is only activated for the individual institution(s) that activate the Publish feature via the Support Portal.

    Since we created the Publish feature, Ex Libris has significantly expanded the knowledge resources that are publicly available to customers.  In addition to improvements our product documentation, Ex Libris Support has also expanded efforts to create Knowledge Articles, where we take a customer experience from a Case and turn it into a How-To or Q&A Knowledge Article.  Customers are also able to contribute Community Knowledge Articles to the Ex Libris Knowledge Center.  When evaluating if a problem you are experiencing has been experienced by other customers, you may find the Knowledge Center resources, especially Knowledge Articles, will offer you more specific advice on how to address an issue you are experiencing. 

    If you choose to participate in publishing your Cases, we recommend that you carefully consider if the “publish all” option represents a risk to revealing private information like logins, or other data that must remain secure.  Choosing the “publish from this point forward” option will prevent release of such information from past Cases, but it’s also important to notify all staff who submit Support Portal Cases that you have activated the publish feature.  Support Portal users need to be careful to uncheck the Publish checkbox when creating a new Case if they want to protect a Case from revealing confidential information to the Ex Libris user community.


    For further information, see the Support Portal User Guide section "How can I publish my Cases to the Ex Libris customer community?"


    Be alert to any passwords or other sensitive information in your Cases before publishing.


    Additional Information

    A full guide to our support portal can be found here: Support Portal User Guide.

    • Article last edited: 22-Nov-2016