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    Configuring Researcher Center

    To configure Esploro, you must have the Configuration Manager role.

    You can configure the fields that appear for each asset in the Researcher Center. In addition, you can change all labels (texts) that appear in the Research Center.

    You configure the fields that appear in the Researcher Center on the Research Delivery Metadata Profile code table (Configuration > Research > Asset Display > Asset Display in Viewer). For more information about code tables, see Code Tables in the Alma documentation.


    Research Delivery Metadata Profile Code Table

    You can change the order of the fields in the column, and, for each field, you can enable/disable the field or change the field's label.

    If an asset does not have a value for a particular field, that field does not appear in the Researcher Center regardless of whether or not you enable the field in this table.

    You can view and change the labels in the Researcher Center in a series of code tables in Configuration > Research > Researcher Center > Labels.


    Researcher Center Labels Code Tables

    Open each code table by selecting Customize in the row actions list. Locate the label that you want to change, modify the description, and select Customize. The other features on these code tables (add, enable, disable, move up/down, and default value) have no meaning and no effect. Do not delete any rows.

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