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    Integrating with ORCID

    Preconditions for ORCID Integration

    Get Researcher Profiles

    You can retrieve a list of researcher output from the ORCID profile by running the Retrieve Researcher’s ORCID Profile – list of assets job (see Scheduled Jobs). The job creates a CSV file that needs to be loaded into Esploro using Smart Expansion (Repository > Smart Harvesting > Manage Profiles > Smart Expansion using a CSV or Excel file with researcher and asset information). See Smart Expansion via CSV or Excel for more information.

    For a video showing how to retrieve assets from ORCID see How to Retrieve Assets from ORCID for a Set of Researchers.

    Creating ORCID Access Tokens

    In order to integrate with ORCID, Esploro must have an active access token for each researcher who will be synchronized. If an institution has a legacy or third party system that already integrates with ORCID, administrators can migrate or share the ORCID tokens with Esploro. This is done using an API.

    For the API to work, a researcher needs to exist in Esploro with the ORCID Id that is listed in the token (see Adding Researchers). In order for the integration to work, ORCID integration needs to be set up (see Configure ORCID Integration).

    To run the API see ORCID Token.

    Esploro relies on the correct scope appearing in the access token.

    For more information on ORCID access tokens see OAuth Scope

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