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    Esploro Publishing to Google and Google Scholar

    This page describes how to publish to Google and Google Scholar. For general information on publishing in Esploro see here.

    Esploro publishes all outputs sitemap for Google and Google Scholar to index but ultimately it is their decision what to index. A Sitemap is a recommendation for indexing; Google’s crawler can go beyond the sitemap. 

    Publishing Researcher Outputs Sitemap for Google and Google Scholar

    Esploro publishes a sitemap of all non-suppressed outputs to support the indexing of these outputs in Google and Google Scholar. 

    In the case of Google Scholar, the Esploro team can inform Google Scholar that an institution’s sitemap is ready for indexing to shorten the process. Customers who want to enable this option should open a case with Ex Libris Support to initiate the process with Google Scholar.  Google Scholar indexes only scholarly publications and usually it indexes only when there is an associated open access full-text file.  Outputs without full text may be indexed if this is the only version of the publication they can find.

    You can configure and run, or schedule, publishing jobs that publish Esploro information to be used by external systems. These jobs can be configured from the Publishing Profiles page (Repository > Publishing > Manage Publishing Profiles). When scheduled, the jobs appear in the list of scheduled jobs. See Viewing Scheduled Jobs.

    The following publishing job is available:

    • Publishing Research Assets to Google and Google Scholar - Publishes a sitemap of research assets for Google and Google Scholar to index.

    To view the generated portal sitemap for output and profiles, add /view/google/siteindex.xml to the portal URL, for example

    Publishing Researcher Profiles Sitemap to Google

    Publishing research assets to Google lets you publish a sitemap of researcher profiles for Google to index.

    The following publishing job is available at Repository > Publishing > Manage Publishing Profiles:

    • Publishing Researcher Profiles to Google - Publishes a sitemap of your researcher profiles for Google to index.

    This job is available under the Publishing Profile Type filter: Research General Profiles.

    Publish profile.

    Publish reserchers profiles to Google

    Output and Researcher Index in Homepage Footer

    Two indexes appear in the footer of the portal home page for researchers and for output. This enables search engines quicker access to pages for assets and researchers,  directly from the homepage. This improves indexing by Google and other search engines.

    Indexes on Homage Footer.

    Indexes on Homepage Footer
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