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    Push Assets from Esploro Profiles to ORCID

    This page describes how to push assets from Esploro profiles to a researcher's ORCID profile. For information on registering or connecting ORCID for profiles see here.

    Esploro will only push assets to ORCID if they are approved and visible on the portal, and the researcher has a registered ORCID ID. See Configuring ORCID Integration for details of the prerequisites.

    In order for assets to be pushed to ORCID, the Update Researcher ORCID scheduled job (see Scheduled Jobs) must be activated. Once activated, this job runs daily.

    See Viewing Scheduled Jobs for information on scheduled jobs, including viewing the status of jobs and email notifications.

    • For general information on ORCID see the official ORCID website.
    • For general information on publishing in Esploro see here.

    For a video showing how to push research assets to ORCID see here

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