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    Letter for New Assets added to the Researcher Profile

    This is a new letter (email) to researchers notifying them of new assets that have been added to their profile.  The letter includes all assets added via Smart Harvesting but also mediated and researcher deposits – i.e. it is a summary. The letter lists up to 10 approved researcher deposits and up to 10 assets added via Smart Harvesting or mediated deposits.  All assets must be approved and enabled to display in the researcher profile.

    The letter is sent by a scheduled job that runs weekly.  When you want to start sending the letter, contact Ex Libris implementation or support (if you moved to support).

    Esploro uses the same infrastructure as Alma letters. To configure letters, you must have one of the following roles:
    • General System Administrator
    • Letter Administrator

    For more information about letters in Esploro see configuring letters

    For more information see Reports and Notifications for the Smart Harvesting Framework and Author Matching Approval Task List.

    The letter is optional at several levels (as standard in other Esploro and platform letters).


    • Complete opt-out – the letter is never sent to any researcher. In this case, the letter should be disabled in the Letters Configuration.   To access the Letters Configuration -  Configuration > General > Letters Configuration > Letters Configuration. Disable the letter.

      The letter is enabled by default.
    •  Default Researcher opt-in - This is defined in the "Library Notices Opt In" mapping table.  It is accessed via Configuration > User Management > User Details. To configure this mapping table, you need the General System Administrator or User Manager roles.

      The default is "true".


    The letter can be disabled in the list of Researcher Notifications in the Researcher details page in Researchers Management.

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