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    Working with Student Deposits


    Institutions can create dedicated forms for asset deposits by students. Students can access these forms by a dedicated URL. For general information on depositing research assets see here.

    For a video showing how to customize student deposit forms see here.

    Accessing the Student Deposit Profiles Configuration Page

    You can access the Student Deposits Profiles Configuration page by navigating to Configuration > Repository > Manage Student deposit profiles. Out of the box, the Undergraduate ETD Submissions profile displays.

    Student Deposit Profiles page with the out of the box Undergraduate ETD Submissions profile displayed.

    Student Deposit Profiles

    Adding Student Deposit Profiles

    To add a new profile:
    1. Select Add New Profile.
    2. Add the profile details.
      • The Profile name is mandatory and appears as the title displayed at the top of the form.
      • The Profile code is mandatory and is used for creating the url. It should It should be a string with no spaces and no special characters such as ?, _, etc.
      • The Profile description is internal and is not displayed on the form.
      • When selecting Asset Type the Fields for Forms section displays.
        Fields for Forms section that is displayed when selecting the asset type.

        By default the Title field appears for the asset title. Since a title is mandatory for every asset, this field is not open to configuration by the admin - it will always appear on the form. 
        You can add new fields by selecting Add Row.
        Add Row dialog box for adding a new row to the form.
        The list of fields in the Field drop down list depend on the asset type that was selected. 
        All the fields displayed in the Fields for Form table will be displayed on the form. The value added to Text on Form is the label that will appear on the form.
        You can mark a field as Mandatory for Submission.

        Select Add to save and then add a new field, or Add and close to save and close.
        To edit the field select Edit from the row actions menu.

      • The values in the Deposit Policy drop down list depend on the asset type that was selected.
      • The text added to the Instructions box will display as instructions to the student. This could include for example what is important to fill in the form, what will happen after submitting, etc.
      • For the Status drop down list if you mark it as inactive, the URL will not work.
      • You can drag and drop the fields to change their order.
    3. Select Save to save the profile.

    Viewing and Editing Student Deposit Profiles

    You can edit the profile by selecting Edit from the row actions menu. To view the profile without the option of editing the fields select View from the row actions menu.
    The Profile code and the Asset Type are not editable.

    You can drag and drop the fields to change their order.

    Navigating to the Student Deposit Form

    You can navigate directly to the student deposit form by selecting Go to Form from the row actions menu.

    Distributing the URL for the Student Deposit Form

    You can copy the URL by selecting URL from the row actions menu. The URL appears to the right of the profile where you can select and copy it.
    URL that is displayed to the right of the profile.
    URL for the Form

    Only users that are signed into the institution platform will be able to use the URL.
    After a user presses Submit the deposit is added to the repository for management and approval. It can be accessed from Repository > Manage Asset Deposits.

    It is recommended to review the form before sending the URL to students.

    Automatic Email to Student after Deposit Approval

    You can configure Esploro to automatically send an email to students upon approval of their submission form. This email contains a link to the output on the portal. The DOI is also included in the email. The link in the email goes directly to the form.

    Configure automatic letter to student after deposit approval.

    Configure Student Deposit Approval Letter

    The letter is enabled by default and can be configured from Configuration Menu > General > Letters Configuration. See Configuring Esploro Letters for more information.

    If advisors were added to the form, they will appear in the CC field in the email. This only applies to advisors that have an email address associated with them in the system.    

    Deleting a Student Deposit Profile

    You can delete a student deposit profile by selecting Delete from the row actions menu.
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