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    Intota Assessment and 360 Counter: Collecting Usage Data from the JUSP SUSHI Web Service

    • Product: 360 Counter

    My library is part of JUSP (Journal Usage Statistics Portal) in the UK, how can we use Intota Assessment (or 360 Counter) to collect our usage data available through JUSP?

    Institutions that are part of JUSP and are set up with the JUSP Web Service can save time by having Intota Assessment or 360 Counter collect your data:
    1. On your JUSP SUSHI Administration page, check the box for 360 COUNTER.
    2. Use step 3 below to configure your DRS (Data Retrieval Service) Form in Intota or 360 Counter. If you are not familiar with the form, start with an overview of the form available here:
    3. Vendors that participate with JUSP should have a SUSHI entry on the DRS Form. For each vendor's SUSHI entry on the form, JUSP needs the below required fields filled out this way:
      • Custom URL: Enter the JUSP URL instead of the vendor URL that displays on the form by default.
      • Requestor ID: Enter the 3 letter code you received from JUSP when you signed up for the JUSP service. The ID can be found on your JUSP SUSHI Administration page.
      • Customer ID: Enter the Customer Reference ID provided by JUSP. This numeric identifier for a vendor can be found on your JUSP SUSHI Administration page.
      • Reports Available: Select JR1 and/or JR1a, these are the reports available through JUSP. Selecting other reports will result in errors for those reports.
      If the provider does not have a SUSHI entry on the DRS form, use the Contact Us menu at the top of the Support Center to request that we update the form. When submitting the request, include the JUSP URL listed above, along with the Requestor ID and Customer ID.
    4. After saving the form, test the SUSHI settings to make sure the requests to JUSP's SUSHI server will work successfully. Testing steps are available above in Step 2 or via these links:
    While JUSP and ProQuest do highly recommend testing the settings, it is not required in order for ProQuest's DRS service to begin making monthly requests to JUSP's SUSHI server. After saving the form with the required information, the monthly process is automatically initiated.

    • Date Created: 7-Jan-2015
    • Last Edited Date: 23-Mar-2018
    • Old Article Number: 12008