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    Intota: Attaching Resources and Licenses

    • Product: Intota

    How can I associate resources in my Intota profile with licenses being managed in Intota as well?

    To connect resources and licenses, you can either:

    How to Attach Resources to a License in Intota
    1. Click Tools on the menu bar and then select the Licenses submenu. Alternatively, click the Licenses link in the Quick Links section on the home page.
    Tools Menu (Home Page)
    Quick Links (Home Page)
    1. From the Licenses page, click on the license or license template name (blue text) whose resources you want to edit.
    Licenses List

    1. From the License Details page, scroll to the Related Resources section and click the Edit button.
    Related Resources License Details
    1. Click the Add Resources link.
    Related Resources

    1. Select a resource type (for example, Database) from the drop-down list.
    2. Search for the resource you want to associate with this licensen.
    Related Resources Search

    1. Select the check box for the resource(s) you want to attach to the license and click the Add button.
    Add Resource to License

    1. A confirmation message will display and then you are taken back to the License Details page.

    How to Attach a License to a Resource in Intota
    1. Click Resources on the menu bar and then select the appropriate resource submenu. Alternatively, click the appropriate resource type in the Resource Summary section on the home page.
    Resources Menu
    Resource Summary
    1. From the list of resources, click on the resource you want to attach to a license, and the details page for that resource will display. For example, clicking on a database will display the Database Details page.
    Resources Database Details

    1. On the right side Licenses pane, click the plus sign (+) to attach a license to the resource. The Attach License pop-up box will display.
    Add Licenses Dialog Box (Modal)

    1. Choose the license you want to attach to this resource and click the Attach button. Alternatively, click the Create New License link to add a license that is not already on the list. The "Attachment Successful" message appears and the license you chose appears in the right side Licenses pane.
    Attach License dialog box

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