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    Appendix B: Repository Fields Used to Overwrite Cite It Information

    The following MARC21 fields are used to overwrite Cite It! information when override_bib_on_locate is set to true (see Configuring Repository Locate Workflow). Unless noted: if the repository field is empty, the citation field is left alone; if the repository field is not empty, the citation field is replaced.
    Mapping Repository Fields to Citation Fields
    Repository Field Citation Field Notes
    245$$a Title  
    100.1.#$$a Author  
    260$$b Publisher  
    260$$c Publication Date  
    250$$a Edition  
    020$$a ISBN  
    022$$a ISSN  
    773.0.#$$g Part  
    773.0.#$$t Journal Title  
    773.0.#$$g Issue  
    773.0.#$$g Chapter  
    773.0.#$$g Year  
    773.0.#$$g Pages  
    260$$a Place of Publication  
    700.1.#$$a Additional Person Name  
    500$$a Note This field may contain also the appended citation Source field information; see below.
    050$$a Call Number  
    590$$a Source This field is always overwritten, even with a blank value. If the citation field contained a value, it is appended to the Note field as citation source <original field contents>.
    440$$a Series Title Number  
    856$$u PMID  
    856$$u DOI  
    490$$v Volume  
    773.0.#$$g Start Page  
    773.0.#$$g End Page  
    490$$v Part  
    010$$a LCCN  
    035$$a OCLC Number  
    024$$a Other Standard ID  
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