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    Working With Sections

    Collapsing (Hiding) or Expanding a Section

    You can hide collapse or expand all sections in a reading list by selecting the expand/collapse icon expand_collapse_icon.png at the top of the reading list. You can collapse or expand a specific section using the collapse or expand icons (collapse_section.png, expand_section.png) at the right of the section name.


    Expanded Sections


    Collapsed Sections

    You can also view the sections, either collapsed or expanded, in a more compact format by selecting the compact / expanded icons at the top of the list (compact_format_icon.png, expanded_format_icon.png).


    Compact Sections

    Viewing Information About a Section

    Information about a section appears to the right and below the section name.


    Section Information

    To edit this information, see Editing a Section.

    The information includes the number of citations in the section, their total pages (including only those citations for which this is defined), and the dates configured for the section. The description and section tags appear beneath the section name.

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