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    Changing "Brief View" in www_const.eng is not reflected in UI

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: MetaLib
    • Product Version: 4

    One of our libraries would like to customize the Brief View display text using /ins01/tab /www_const.eng but were unsuccessful.
    They have changed "Brief View -- Brief View" to "Brief View -- "Descriptive List" [start_w, start_s], but the change isn't reflected in the UI.
    1. Cleared utf files in /exlibris/metalib/m4_2/utf_files/ins01/tab/www_const.eng
    2. Updated /exlibris/metalib/m4_2/ins01/tab/: was: "Brief View -- Brief View" - I changed it to: "Brief View -- Descriptive List"
    3. Ran start_w and start_s
    4. Logged into the /V and did a simple quicksearch in the "Science" but the change isn't reflected in the UI.

    QUESTION: Which of the following "brief view" labels should we be changing in www_const.eng to make the text on any/all of their brief views say "Descriptive List" instead of "Brief View"?:
    Brief View -- Brief View
    eShelf Folder Brief View -- MyFolders Brief View
    MetaSearch Brief View -- CustomSearch Brief View
    QuickSearch Brief View -- QuickSearch Brief View

    It looks like when you upgraded to v4, you didn't re-customize the newer version of the www_const.eng file.
    Consequently, there are several missing sections in the current ins01/tab/www_const.eng file.
    If you do a 'diff' between the currently active file and the standard file from ins01/tab/ you can see the missing sections:

    > v_first -- <<
    > v_first_dim -- <span class="fade">&lt;&lt;</span>
    > v_last -- &gt;&gt;
    > v_last_dim -- <span class="fade">&gt;&gt;</span>
    > v_next -- Next&gt;
    > v_next_dim -- <span class="fade">Next&gt;</span>
    > v_prev -- &lt;Previous
    > v_prev_dim -- <span class="fade">&lt;Previous</span>
    > text_table -- Table View
    > text_brief -- Brief View
    > text_full -- Full View
    > v_new_name -- Clipboard
    > v_new_desc -- This group contains the resources that were recently added to a new group
    > text_original -- Original
    > text_converted -- Converted
    > text_category -- Category
    > text_subcategory -- Subcategory
    > direction -- right
    > ! Cluster/Facet
    > TOPICS -- Topics
    > DATES -- Dates
    > AUTHORS -- Authors
    > JOURNAL TITLES -- Journal Titles
    > SUBJECTS -- Subjects
    > DATABASES -- Databases
    > After -- After
    > Before -- Before

    In order to correct this I suggest that you copy the www_const.eng file from ins01/tab/ and replace the current file.
    Be sure to create a backup of the current www_const.eng file before you copy any files over from ins01/tab.
    If you've done other customization of the current file - you'll need to add those customizations to the newer www_const.eng file once you've moved it into the insco/tab/ directory.
    Of course, once you establish the file, the "Brief View " text will be displayed again in place of the code "text_brief".
    So, getting back to the original question, you'll need to change the following text of the www_const.eng that you copy over from ins01/tab/:

    From: "text_brief -- Brief View"
    To: "text_brief -- Descriptive List"

    Be sure to re-start your web server once the updates are complete.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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