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    Pivot Funding: Quick Search

    • Product: Pivot


    Pivot Funding Quick Search

    The Pivot Quick Search is an easy way to conduct a broad search of the funding opportunities available. There are two options for quick searching:

    • By Text
    • By Sponsor


    By Text

    Searching for funding by text allows you to easily search across all fields in a Funding Opportunity providing you with broad search results. Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT can be used within the text search box.  Use quotations for exact phrase searching. 

    • Baseball AND Football will retrieve all records containing both the words baseball and football. 
    • Baseball OR Football will retrieve all records containing either the words baseball or football. 
    • Baseball NOT Football will retrieve all records containing the word baseball without the word football. 
    • “Baseball Football” will only retrieve records containing the exact phrase “baseball football.” 

    By Sponsor

    Searching by sponsor allows you to search our entire list of sponsors using the blank space provided or to browse the sponsor list alphabetically by: All Sponsors, US Federal Sponsors, or Non-US Federal sponsors. To search for a specific sponsor and find all open opportunities from that sponsor, type the sponsor name in the blank space.   

    Many Sponsor names are listed under the name of their larger controlling entity.


    • The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is listed as one of the departments in the United States Department of Health and Human Services, under "U". 
    • The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is listed under "E" for European Commission

    To browse the sponsor list alphabetically, click on your choice of sponsor subsets—All Sponsors, US Federal Sponsors, or Non-US Federal sponsors. Please note that if the sponsor name is hyperlinked, the sponsor currently has open opportunities. Clicking on the hyperlinked sponsor name will take you to all open opportunities available from that sponsor. If you see a sponsor name in gray, the sponsor does not currently have any open opportunities, but they are a sponsor that we monitor and for which we may have something available in the future. 


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