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    Pivot Researcher Home Page: Managing Your Deadline Preferences

    • Product: Pivot

    Pivot lets you set deadline reminders for your tracked or active opportunities in varying increments. You’re able to get a reminder for an upcoming opportunity deadline one week, two weeks, one month, two months, or three months in advance.

    What is the difference between my Active and Tracked list of opportunities?

    • The Active list is for the most important, highest-priority funding opportunities for you or your institution. This is your shortlist of the most critical funding opportunities.
    • The Tracked list is comprised of opportunities you want to keep your eye on, but are not critical or high-priority for you or your institution.

    Setting a Default Deadline

    The deadline preferences you set will apply to all opportunities placed on your Tracked or Active opportunities. You’re able to override individual opportunities – see the Editing a Deadline section below.

    1. Click your name in the upper right of the page and then select Preferences from the dropdown menu.
    2. If your organization administrator set default institutional settings, you’ll see those at the top of the page. The next section lets you select your deadline preferences.
    3. For both Active and Tracked opportunities, choose your preferred method of notification – you can opt to receive notifications via the Announcements section of Pivot, via email, or both.
    4. Next, select how far in advance you’d like to receive the reminder.
    5. Any opportunities added to your Tracked or Active lists from this point forward will have a reminder set for the specified time. 

    You can set deadlines for opportunities that were already placed on your Tracked or Active lists by clicking on the Options menu next to the preferred opportunity. Select Add Deadline Reminder and proceed with your selections.

    Editing a Deadline

    You can override individual opportunities deadlines in the Options menu.

    1. On your Tracked or Active list, click the Options menu.
    2. Select Edit Deadline Reminder.
    3. A light box will appear where you can make your new selections.
    4. Click Update to save your new preference for that opportunity.

    Once the deadline reminder has been set, either through preferences or for one opportunity via the Options menu, you will see a stopwatch icon confirming that you will receive a reminder before each deadline on an opportunity. You can remove a deadline reminder by clicking on Edit Deadline Reminder and deselecting the option you chose for receiving the reminder (Pivot Announcements and/or My Email checkboxes) and clicking the Update button.



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