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    Central Discovery Index (CDI) - Test Plan and identified issues log

    Created By: Stacey van Groll
    Created on: 4/18/2020


    Support the community by sharing details of areas I'm testing and issues identified, while many of us are in Enablement phase for the new Central Discovery Index (CDI)

    Disclaimer: My testing is ongoing, this list is not all-inclusive, and it may become out of date as issues are resolved (hopefully soon)

    See also Lesli Moore's plan here: Testing the Central Discovery Index (CDI)


    Notes on reporting issues

    • Ex Libris will not prioritise issues which only one or two sites report
    • If you find the same issue in your environment, make sure to submit your own SalesForce case
    • All UQ cases are Published, and include "CDI" in both the Title and Description
    • Please do the same, so that your cases can be easily found, to support community collaboration
    • For further filtering, most UQ cases are submitted from 12.3.2020, but I am also following up earlier cases when they were stalled for resolution on PCI, but advised as being fixed on CDI (such as Initial articles for Sort and Starts with)
    • You may also wish to submit feedback on the number of issues and mandatory Switchover dates:


    Primo Area






    Top Level - Available online



    Top Level - Peer-Reviewed

    Facet inclusion returns records which aren't PR

    Facet includes records which do not have brief results icon

    PNX data unexpected code

    Non-journal articles included eg Books


    Top Level - Open Access

    Facet inclusion returns records which aren't OA

    Facet includes records which do not have brief results icon

    Open Access results are marked as 'No full-text' in filtered search

    OA in Alma not marked as OA in Primo


    Top Level facets 3 of 6 facets containing local records are returning a server error message instead of zero results Yes


    No entries for CDI records, even though data in PNX



    Including active filter returns results which do not contain the Subject facet chosen (nor in search or display PNX)

    Entries are appearing in the Subject facet which are not subjects, nor anywhere in the PNX ie Multi-user or DDA as a facet term


    Content Type

    Including entries does not exclude all others (documentation is wrong for types which are meant to match and merge ie based on metadata only), and results do not match type (eg limit to Articles and Videos are still in results) - not fully fixed in July 2020 release

    Artificially limited to only display 20 types when local records are excluded or in a non-blended search

    Code table mapping missing eg web_resources

    When activating some facets like Articles and then ticking the box for expanded search, Zero results message displays instead of more results than in filtered search

    No description in documentation for Datasets type, only that it is a merge of two Research and Statistical types (not corrected despite submitting Feedback twice in October 2019 and April 2020, so case submitted June 2020)


    Publication Date

    Using the Publication Date facet in Brief Results causes it to disappear, so that more granuality cannot be added eg 2010-2020, then limiting further to 2015-2020, and instead have to start again

    Using the Publication Date facet causes the New Records facet to disappear, and vice versa


    New records

    Facet appears but no data in PNX to facilitate verification and troubleshooting (causing Saved Search Alerts zero results?)

    Using the New Records facet causes the Publication Date facet to disappear, and vice versa





    Journal Title

    Missing entries in top 2,000 results (for PCI too)

    Non-journal titles found in the Journal Titles facet, for other content types including Books and Book Chapters (ie data is incorrect in PNX as facet_jtitle) - case updated to add that this is occurring for more than just Books ie Web Resources information from the Is Part Of is in the Journal Titles facet as well



    Many missing entries, so very different to determine source of content, even when the data is visible in PNX

    Many multiple duplicate entries are sub-collections - "fixed" in June 2020, but caused complete loss ie many Web of Science sub-collections removed, leaving not even one main collection

    Facet entry disappears from UI as a selection option (despite still being in the facet PNX) when the collection is moved from filtered to expanded search by selecting 'Do not show as Full Text in CDI even if active in Alma' (and sometimes the scope DBID disappears as well) - this is "by design", as the source data is surfaced only to match with full text rights





    Initial Articles

    Entries still contain initial articles (for PCI too, but meant to be fixed on CDI)


    Feedback Messages



    Illegal characters eg empty parentheses

    No results message and yet results are displayed


    Too many wildcards

    No results message and yet results are displayed


    Too many boolean

    Expanded results and excluded term message displays but results appear inconsistent for blended search


    Too many clauses eg terror*

    Partial results message displays but results appear inconsistent for blended search

    Message sometimes does not display for CDI when it displays for PCI


    Expanded results due to few or no local records



    Expanded results due to too long query

    Feedback message missing on both PCI and CDI, and instead displays illegal characters message - updated case to note that the message has been generated as part of other testing in both PCI and CDI, so the issue may be unrelated


    Zero results






    Wildcard search with just *

    Returns No results message in a blended search, as well as hundreds of millions of results with no Availability status in brief results and no View It or Get It in full record display (nb Saved Search Alert with this query can be set, but sends no email - no case yet)

    Count is extremely variable, so it's unknown if a true count ie 950,000,000 and then 2 hours later 740,000,000


    Broad topic keyword search

    Many results returned which appear irrelevant, as no idea in UI of why a record is returned, by term presence or highlighting


    Narrow topic keyword search

    Many results returned which appear irrelevant, as no idea in UI of why a record is returned, by term presence or highlighting


    Known item search

    Other entries such as relevance ranking unexpected behaviour cover this eg Databases dropping from No.1 to No.2, key textbooks with multiple editions with significant shifting of position).  Does not seem necessarily bad, but documentation is needed for specifically how the ranking has changed, so that local blending can be considered for adjustment eg increase it a little

    Full text ranking over record metadata - Known item local record dropping from No.1 and No.2 to No.3 and No.4, despite that the local records have title and description field partial match, and the records ranked over them have the only one or four instances of return in the full text



    Searching with boolean does not prevent expansion, for AND or NOT, so a precise search cannot be done

    Searches with AND and without AND are described in new CDI documentation (June 2020) as returning the same results, but this only works in a CDI only scope, and not a blended scope

    New CDI documentation (June 2020) is incorrect, in advising to search with NOT by dogs AND (NOT cats), as this returns results which are completely full of references to cats, even at the No.1 result



    Searching with wildcard and quotation marks does not return expected results eg "social network*" only returns "social network" and not "social networks", "social networking", etc - this is described in the new CDI documentation (June 2020) as specifically not supported


    Quotation Marks

    Searching with quotation marks does not prevent expansion, so a precise search cannot be done


    Synonyms and alternate spelling

    Results returned are not the same, for example 

    PCI colour: 21,219,865 / CDI colour: 23,103,506
    PCI color: 21,219,865 / CDI color: 6,098,333

    PCI organisation: 67,570,949 / CDI organisation 70,264,477
    PCI organization: 67,570,949 / CDI organization 69,814,142

    PCI ninth: 9,873,676 / CDI ninth: 4,545,314
    PCI 9th: 9,873,676 / CDI 9th: 4,429,079





    Characters: & ampersand & ampersand and 'and' are not interchangeable and & returns completely irrelevant results (fixed in PCI in February 2018, so why not covered already in CDI?) Yes
    Characters: - hyphens In PCI ISSNs can be searched both with and without hyphens, but the data is not comprehensively indexed for both forms in CDI, so very few results are retrieved Yes

    Unique identifiers

    Search by DOI or PMID returns more than a dozen results which are mostly completely irrelevant (but are due to data such as being mentioned in the Reference List of the full text external to Primo), and actual result is sometimes No.7 or No.11, as opposed to 1 or 2 results on PCI.  Example of unnecessary broad and constant expansion. Also an issue when the resource is not held in full text, as filtered results provide no indication of correct match by term highlighting or snippets that the actual known article is not amonst the dozen or more results listed


    Collection prepend

    Not working for search in Primo even though in same field of PNX as PCI eg gale* - fixed in May 2020, but regression in July 2020, again fixed



    Not working for search in Primo even though in search PNX eg conference_proceeding - PARTIALLY FIXED IN MAY 2020, but broken for at least three types (Newspaper Articles, Articles, and Other), and also implemented as per the pluralized facet terms, rather than the singular search terms



    Not consistently searchable in Primo, with some codes missing, or not conducive to search eg full stop in code

    DBID in Primo does not match DBID for unique collection in Alma

    No DBID in record at all ie empty scope field, but record id exists clearly from a collection by PNX and permalink

    Some DBIDs are words, such as DRUMS or PROOF, which could skew real user search results (no case for this yet)


    Search PNX

    Results returned when the data does not exist in Search PNX, nor do they appear to exist either in the full text in some cases

    Ex Libris advises that search PNX is now legacy and irrelevant, but unknown exactly what this means (and hugely concerning given we rely on this data to understand ranking and adjust local configurations as we see fit)


    Data mapping

    Different mapping of key data to title and addtitle, impacting ranking with many articles of a journal ranked higher than journal itself by search on journal title


    Relevance of results

    Clear variation with ranking but poor documentation on why, with inability therefore to meaningful adjust local search engine configuration and blending



    Significantly more expansion, returning completely irrelevant results or unnecessary eg dog returns dogs, even if many milliions of results already



    Support for creatorcontrib field unknown, with impact on blended search and search engine configuration boosting


    Blending Search Engine Configuration for local search engine unexpected ie 1 local result in first page rather than 3 or 4 Yes

    Advanced Search




    Some records contain rsrctype but not prefilter (no case in yet, but appears to be an issue for Market Research and Standards especially)



    Title search returns results with no indication of search terms in Title

    Starts with search returns no CDI results, only local



    Subjects contains query returns results where the search query is not contained in the Subject field



    Author query returns results where the search query is not contained in the Author field


    Search Features



    Controlled vocabulary

    Suggestions do not appear for CDI which do appear for PCI

    Suggestion block does not disappear after being clicked, and clicking the link again does nothing


    Did you mean




    No documentation of expected changes (if any), but results definitely seem significantly different, even with activations issues for enablement





    Additional Features



    Citation Trail

    Zero results (due to dropping the CDI search element from URL)

    'Cited in this' option is returning massively inflated and incorrect results ie 2,400 instead of 34


    Times Cited

    Service does not appear in CDI results when it appears in the equalivalent PCI results and console advises only 'No properties' despite successful 200


    bX Recommender



    Services page



    Contextual Relationships

    Nb low priority as not active in Prod due to existing dealbreakers

    Tested briefly and immediately got API call failure in console

    Book indicates x Book Chapters returned, but many of those listed are for completely different books


    Linking and Availability



    Filtered search

    Results appear which are 'No full-text' in filtered search, with 70 of 130 Open Access Link in Record collection having this problem in Page 1 or 2 of results (which should obviously never be the case if OA, and the linktorsrc is visible in the PNX, but is not displayed in UI)

    Results appears designed as 'Available online' but then have a View It of 'No full-text available', even when there is underlying CTO match (Link Resolver), or when the collection is known to be Link in Record and yet there is no static link in the PNX

    Search by Record ID or entering Primo via Permalink for 'No full-text' records causes display of record without ticking the expansion checkbox, rather than showing Zero Results message (implying an incorrect availability assignment which is not the case)

    Available online records for a collection set to untick 'Do not show as Full Text in CDI...' correctly update from 'No full-text' to 'Available online' calculated availability but still appear only in expanded search and disappear in filtered search, which is also missing the Available online facet


    Expanded search Records appear which do not exist in our Alma IZ, or CZ as far as I can tell, and appear to be from other institution local collections, such as Library Guides for other unis (which we do NOT want!) - these are regularly appearing one day and then disappearing next day, and then reappearing Yes

    Link in Record

    Link in Record preference hides all other access options, as a valuable failsafe when the top link does not work as expected (this is NOT a better user experience than 'See all'!)

    Vote here in Idea Exchange (149 votes as at 25.7.2020) to remove this hardcoding: Preference CDI Link Resolver records over Link in Record when merging

    Link in Record preference has high likelihood of not being Open Access, removing support for many users

    GES Links are not displayed for Link in Record collections, which includes our local Unpaywall link to support Open Access and our help link for eBooks to assist users with different platform navigation

    Link in Record preference gives library no option to add information for users such as Authentication Notes and issues with the source platform

    Link in Record preference removes our local autonomy to rank services by Online Services Order

    A&I Database records made full text active by the bibliographic record being published to Primo for other purposes such as Database Search hardcodes sole display of the A&I static link which leads only to the abstract and hiding the Link Resolver services to full text content. This means management can't be consolidated into single records in Alma.

    Link in Record unique collections are behaving as Link Resolver and presenting 'No full text available' in View It - appears to be a significant further regression with this with July 1st release, with dozens of Link in Record unique content collections showing View It of 'No full text available' - ongoing instability here, with Ex Libris not acknowledging this at a systemic level


    Link Resolver

    Many Available online records in filtered search, but 'No full text available' in View It of full record display

    Inconsistent assignment of availability status, with some records which failed to merge 'Available online' and others 'No full-text'


    Availability assignment

    Records which are held in full text in Alma are not marked as Available online in CDI (or PCI) - suspected broad issue with identifier matching, particularly with Books and Book Chapters

    Many CDI Books and Book Chapters not marked correctly as 'Available online', with underlying CTO match to correct service, but record is only in expanded search and 'No full-text' - this particularly appears to be a problem for local collections not marked "In CDI', which are documented as matching to the pool of metadata by full text active status, but this does not appear stable or consistent at all


    No holdings Get It in expanded




    Some records from collections set to not proxy are being proxied (this is because they are incorrectly marked as not Open Access, when they are)


    Brief Results




    Snippet text does not include any instances of the query terms (even stemmed), ie is completely irrelevant, and has no term highlighting

    Snippet has the search term, but the term is not highlighted

    Snippets displayed constantly when result appears returned by record metadata, which mixed with them seemingly being irrelevant by no search query presence, causing visual noise in UI





    Navigation Unable to access all results, with Load More Results unexpectedly appearing after No.72, with second attempt stopping at No.82, and third attempt stopping at No.92, and pagination widget attempt to move to Page 10 causing complete failure with error message Yes

    Send To Actions



    EndNote RIS / Web

    Addata Publisher PB is duplicated for members of group, with many entries exported to RIS









    Query for shortened hash key stability

    Record ID in permalink dynamically changing, with no visibility of varying Record IDs in merged record (no certainty of stability)

    Request for list of collections with known permalink redirection failures (documented as approx 8%)

    Query on behaviour for unique collections and for non-unique collections ie outcome in Primo if made not active for search








    Full Record




    Massive lists in no discernable order in full record display eg not alphabetized and also duplicate entries for capitalization eg Dog and dog and DOG (this is an issue on PCI too, but much greater on CDI as all subjects are displayed in the one merged logical record, rather than only displaying the FRBR preferred record subjects on CDI)


    Source / Collection

    Significant missing data with much data on PCI stripped from CDI even for unique content (also stripped from search and facets, as well as display). As noted in another entry, this data is also stripped even more if a record is moved from filtered to expanded search by 'Do not shows as full text' suppression, which gives the impression it is gone completely, but it is just really well hidden. This is a significant loss of autonomy for our ability to remove records from our environment which have poor metadata, especially as this is often because they fail to merge and cause swamping by duplicates. Only option appears to be to report the problem for correction, but this can take months or years, and sometimes is denied, such as if a collection is no longer maintained or if it is deemed to be 'correct'


    Title Title field truncation to 500 characters Yes
    Term Highlighting Does not include stop words even with a clear phrase match exact to query Yes


    Links section missing for many (most?) records, even though often the Links are in the PNX (deliberately hidden - why?), or the backlinks are present in the PCI record


    Lateral Links



    General Electronic Services






    Talis ISSN/ISBN






    Relais Partner / Broker



    My Favourites



    Saved Searches



    Email Alert

    Alerts by * wildcard not received (no specific case)

    Alerts return only Zero results message for CDI results, or only local results when the set contains them (Probably due to other entry for newrecords PNX data missing, as required to match to URL fromdate)

    Saved Search alerts not received until next day, even though new results are present

    Saved Search alerts return advise xxx (low number) new records, but number of records in Primo by the link is yyy (very high number) - and looking at the New Records facet shows it is not abiding by the 'Last Week' entry at all (nb this is known not to be a one to one correlation, but it should be very close)

    Saved Search alerts return advise xxx (high number) new records, but number of records in Primo by the link is yyy (lower)

    Records in the Saved Search Alert email as 'new', as the Top 25, are not present at all in the results set, let alone in the first few pages of results


    Saved Items



    Search History for session



    PCI to CDI redirection



    Updates: Release Notes / Outages



    Ongoing updates and sync

    Release Notes of relevance unknown both during Enablement and after Switchover ie follow PCI notes or follow CKB notes, or both, as these are not aligned

    Changes to PCI collections are not occurring in CDI collections

    PC to Alma mapping file in OLH is not being kept up to date, and is out of alignment with PCI Release Notes and CKB Release Notes

    Changes are ongoing which impact Enablement eg significant work on HathiTrust collections, so correct collection was not activated

    CDI Collection List is wrong for Number of Records when compared to Alma Number of Records, and records found in Primo


    Product Materials No OLH page is available for 'Product Materials' which contains Root Cause Analysis (RCAs) for outages (of which there was one in April 2020) and Uptime Reports Yes
    Delays System status alerts not yet being sent for index update delays (advised in case of 70+ hours for update, so no specific case in). Significant issue for testing changes in activation, as several days required to await changes and unknown when this may occur. Testing has shown anywhere from 4 days to over a week with changes not taking effect Yes




    Control over content

    Records appear in Primo for unique collections which are not active in Alma IZ (how do we remove collections with poor metadata? - we can't unless unique in one collection because it is now only records by rights, not collections :( and can only report)


    Discovery of full text Record fails to appear in Primo even with active portfolios Yes
    Missing content

    Collections active for search in Alma cannot be found in Primo

    Significant content missing eg 'The Australian' has over 400,000 records in PCI and 12,000 in CDI

    The Trove (Australian Theses) collection has over 400,000 Dissertations in PCI, but the collection in CDI is advised as Subscription (incorrect), 1,082 Number of Records (incorrect), and Resource types of magazine articles (incorrect), and I can't even find these in CDI results

    New records in PCI are not found in CDI, for example one collection not updated at all in 2020

    Support for PCI Ex Libris Support is refusing to fix content, metadata and linking issues with PCI unless High priority or 'urgent', because of transition to CDI, even though this is our Production environment right now and we won't transition for several months Yes

    Useless content

    Many records for content which should not be ingested eg many Articles with title of "E-Mail Notification of Your Latest Issue Online". The source vendor may present this content as 'Articles' on their platform, but there should be validation routines to prevent including such content in a citation index, as of no value to users


    Duplication Massive number of duplicate records that have not matched and merged, even though they do on PCI Yes
    Miscategorization of types 7300% increase in Journals type from PCI to CDI, which seems to be because they are actually mostly should be Articles (by presence of an Is Part Of) Yes

    Validity of data

    No indication of frbrtype grouping in PNX, with all entries 5 even if not grouped (so should be 6), so cannot even use this data to identify unique content

    Logical records change by search eg data is x with DBID search and y when found by title search

    Source DBIDs and Scope DBIDs sometimes do not match

    All DBIDs from source collections should be in the PNX, but this does not appear at all consistent, which limits ability to track back to Alma collections to correct issues, report for correction, and suppress temporarily

    PNX data, which is organised in sections each designed for a specific purpose, is not being used for purpose and is not married together ie display data is not displayed, search data is not searched, facet data are not facet values, and then search data is not displayed, so that a user may clearly know by term highlighting why a result is returned, what is displayed in a facet such as Subject will also be shown as a Subject for display so that a user may further utilise features such as lateral links, and what is exported via addata to functions such as Export RIS will be the same as what is displayed so that users may accurately preserve records of their research, etc



    Alma - CDI for Alma Electronic Collections and PC to CDI Activation Report


    CDI Tab Information missing Number of records


    DBID not searchable in Repository Search, so can't track back from problematic Primo records to root cause Alma collection, and not visible in CZ unless activated first


    Availability (Electronic Collection) and CDI Search Activation facets are missing and/or displays incorrect count and/or display different results to count when selected - adjusted to remove the counts for Search Activation facet in June 2020 because the counts are not being fixed, but the results after selecting the facets are still not correct eg 8 results on screen of which 4 are Yes Active for Search, and yet only 1 appears after selecting the Active for Search facet, and also facet entries are still missing at times, eg Not Active for Search results on screen and yet the Not Active for Search facet value is not present


    2 of 7 documented searchable fields are missing


    No changes made to CDI settings in Alma have any effect on CDI enabled Primo, or only take effect after 70+ hours instead of documented maximum 48 hours


    CDI Search Activation Status editable option appears for full text activated collections, with ability to change to Not Active, even though this has no functional outcome


    No effect of changing CDI settings by CDI Tab, only by Repository Search result buttons - fixed in May 2020


    No Publishing Information for CDI in main menu option or individual records for full text of package and searchable collections (bug for electronic titles fixed by editing and saving publishing profile)


    No title specific file available for daily automated CDI publishing job, and no granular information in Events SA Analytics either


    No access to institutional holdings file, and no documentation of expected currency of the file - advised per SF case, and wrote up a CKC


    Job to publish records to CDI manually is undocumented and fails - advised that this will be removed, as it was a mistake that it was made visible


    Extended delays when using filters for Electronic Collection repository searches when searching for all collections by * wildcard (30 seconds approx every time) - advised that this is expected and an 'enhancement' to fix


    History tab does not record changes made to CDI Tab, or records only incorrect information like a Modification Date being changed which is not even the actual current date of a CDI change


    Several CDI fields are not included in exports, including Local Notes and DBID


    Local Notes in CDI Tab appears to have a character limit, but unknown size, causing issues in recording setting changes given wording is so verbose eg 'Do not show as full text available in CDI even if active in Alma'. No indication of this limit in UI, and the record will Save without showing an error, but impact is outcome such as half the note will be gone when the record is checked again - cannot replicate this now with Lorem ipsum  
    Local Notes field in E-Inventory Analytics (added in July 2020) only includes data when an Electronic Collection is re-saved after the release Yes

    Search for In CDI = No returns results with In CDI = No and also results without this (including IZ), and In CDI is empty returns several hundred results with seemingly no correlation


    Rights of Subscription (Collection) mixed with Linking Type of Link Resolver for more than 1000 collections, which does not match documented behavior of either, and this mix does not exist on PCI


    Rights of Subscription (Link Resolver) mixed with Linking Type of Link in Record for 1 CZ collection, which does not match documented behaviour of either, and this mix does not exist on PCI Yes

    Link Resolver Linking Type does not match Database type with no portfolios for assigning availability status and no services for providing links matched to Alma bibliographic content and associated electronic services. Causing 'Available online' availability status records in filtered search, with 'No full text available' in View It when content is unique, as this is assigned at package level for Databases which have no portfolios by design. Also a very big assumption that every single record deemed non-unique will have at least one valid matching service in Alma to provide a service link, unless Link Resolver behaviour has fundamentally changed with CDI


    CDI Tab Tooltips do not match actual options and wording is confusing (perhaps originally different settings and the tooltips forgotten when changes made?)


    CDI Tab settings documentation is confusing, and does not match Alma settings or outcome behaviour in Primo (eg Searchable and Not Searchable in OLH and Active and Not Active in Alma) - Also Feedback sent 31.3.2020 - documentation updated in May to change to Active and Not Active


    Full Text Rights on PCI collections do not match Full Text Rights on the mapped CDI collections in Alma, with outcome such as Subscription (Collection) on PCI swapped to Open Access on Alma, and vice versa, and unknown which is correct. Includes Hathi OA Full Text in Alma as Subscription (Collection)


    Full Text Linking on PCI collections do not match Full Text Linking on mapped CDI collections in Alma, and unknown which is correct, especially given defect behaviour in Primo


    Unexplained variations between PCI Interface > PC to Alma mapping file > PC to CDI Activation Report > Alma Electronic Collection CDI settings, leading to scenarios like Link Resolver collections marked as special setting of 'Active for full text in CDI only' which is documented as only meant to occur for Link in Record


    No option to change settings in bulk, such to remove transition setting of 'Active for Full Text in CDI only', or to make non-full text collections Active for Search  

    Mapping of Subscription (Collection) aka Link in Record documented as being one to one for all of them, but instances where there are one to many


    Description fields in Alma Electronic Collections only have a dash, instead of the Description available in PCI interface


    DBID is not visible until a CZ collection is made Active for Search in IZ


    3 Electronic Collections found with all CDI information bar a Linking Type, and also one of these is a IZ collection (more of these found, and appears to occur when a CZ collection is deleted and therefore made IZ, but the CDI information block is retained even though now meaningless and cannot be changed with no CDI tab anymore.  May be two different issues, but still in one case)


    Unknown expected outcome for availability status and Get It / View It when Database Link Resolver collection (aka Available online by title portfolios which don't exist for Database) is marked as ' Do not show as Full Text available in CDI even if active in Alma'


    Unknown expected outcome for availability status and Get It / View It when Database Link in Record collection (aka Available online for whole collection) is marked as ' Do not show as Full Text available in CDI even if active in Alma'


    Records for Database collections lose their UI display of source facet and scope DBID from PNX when moved from filtered to expanded search by 'Do not show as Full Text in CDI even if active in Alma' (initially thought to be removed from search completely, until realising it was the source facet being hidden from UI facet) Yes
    Unknown how a Database collection is considered 'active' for full text, as records appear in CDI even if the collection has no Electronic Collection URL and unsuppressed linked bibliographic record ie grey house icon in Alma Yes

    Alma Analytics: Poor documentation for extent of expected data in Alma Analytics, so unknown what will be covered or will be possible for reporting


    Sandbox: No sign of CDI Enablement in Alma Premium Sandbox several weeks after Enablement advised as complete - documentation updated in May to cover our scenario of a single PC key for Prod and Sandbox, but ongoing queries as OLH still not clear on some aspects


    CDI Tab encoding display issue in Read Only mode for Electronic Inventory Operator, with line breaks displaying as <br> and making the text hard to follow Yes
    CDI Tab system error displays instead of read only data if staff with any role other than CDI Inventory Operator and Electronic Inventory Operator tries to click on it Yes
    CDI collection in Alma with no DBID Yes
    Some collections have two or more DBIDs, and often a whole string - SF explanation that this was due to multiple Summon collections being mapped to one Alma collection Yes
    Sometimes the daily record count for CDI does not match the weekly record count for PCI on the same day (and sometimes it does) Yes
    'Provider Coverage' field documented to be added in May, but not found in Production Yes
    Some CDI information block labels have been changed in May 2020 Release Update, but now they don't match the search indexes (eg 'CDI Search Rights' still the label for the search index, but the corresponding information block label is 'Search Rights in CDI' Yes
    CDI Newspapers by search does not match data in CDI Tabs for Electronic Collections eg 'Yes, Newspapers Search only' returns only 2 instead of more than 250 collections, and many collections under 'Is empty' even though they are Newspapers: No in CDI Tab Yes
    Resource Types in CDI Tab of Alma do not match Resource Types in Primo, and appear to be the original Summon types and not the mapped type, such as drawing,  and painting Yes
    CDI Type added in June 2020 to CDI tab, but has only a dash (and empty column in export function) Yes
    CDI Type information is now being populated (July 2020), but only for Full Text Collection, with no indication of originally detailed A&I collections, and some are wrong ie Sociological Abstracts (pre-2017) is marked as Full Text Collection  
    Provider Coverage added in June 2020 to CDI tab, but has only a dash (and empty column in export function) Yes
    'Report to Ex Libris' options keeps regressing with 'Wrong Type Value' and 'Wrong Category Value' errors upon trying to submit, hindering reporting of many collection issues Yes
    Local Notes field missing - Regression in June 2020 which hid the field Yes
    In CDI = No advised as being removed in June 2020, but it is still displayed Yes
    Database type collection added with no Electronic Collection URL, so cannot be made active Yes
    No indication of full text active status for Database type collections for the purposes of CDI records, for example the Availability column in export is empty, and the Availability (Electronic Collection) facet does not work, and the search index for Availability also does not work. Note: the current status of blue people active icon by unsuppressed bib will change in a coming release, but no indication yet of if this will also solve this ability to be able to find Database full text active collections Yes
    Aggregator type collections have no portfolios, so cannot be made active  



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