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    How to - Access and open your Central Discovery Index (CDI) Institutional Holdings File

    Created By: Stacey van Groll
    Created on: 4/20/2020

    Publishing Information background

    Just like for Primo Central Index (PCI), there is an institutional holdings file available for the Central Discovery Index (CDI).

    Ex Libris has not yet documented this, with this information provided by SalesForce case request.

    This CKC is written to share this information, to fill this documentation gap and support the international community.

    Note: There is also CDI Publishing Information available for 51* (electronic title) records in Alma directly, like there is for PCI, but Ex Libris have advised that 61* information (electronic collection) ie records for full text assigned at the collection level and for searchable collections is NOT available in Alma and this would be an enhancement request, so this file is vital as the only confirmation of correct publishing.

    If you cannot see the Publishing to Central Discovery Publishing Profile in your Publishing Information in Alma for 51*, go to Resources > Publishing Profile, Edit the Profile and Save (also advised in SalesForce).


    CDI Institutional Holdings File

    The holdings file structure for CDI is more complex than for PCI.

    Alma is now also publishing search activations from Alma, as well as full text activation for database packages, where subscription is on package level.


    The URL for the CDI holdings file is

    Also adjust your base URL as needed for your environment, as ap01 is for APAC


    The CDI holdings file is a tar.gz file which consists of three files

    • File 1
      • Replicates the current PCI holdings file, which contains the full text records active in Alma, with title, coverage, and embargo information determining availability status for records in Primo
      • Also contains a few new fields, including DBID information, which are the Collection IDs in CDI.
      • File: holding.xml
    • File 2
      • A new Database file, which contains database packages.
      • These are the full text collections active in Alma where subscription is on the package level ie Databases.
      • This includes records with the special transition setting for Link in Record collections added to Alma, as only previously in PCI, of 'Active for full text in CDI only', until this is removed from the record.
      • File: db_ids.xml
    • File 3
      • A new Searchable file, which contain the list of collections active for search in CDI
      • File: searchable_dbids.xml


    Opening the file/s

    This can be very difficult, given the massive size of File 1


    Currency of the file

    The file is updated daily after the running of the scheduled automated job: "Publishing electronic records to Central Discovery Index", which for AP01 is 3am AEST.

    This starts the clock ticking for associated changes in CDI for Primo of maximum 48 hours, so the file reflects Alma activations, not associated Primo records.

    The same should apply (as advised in SalesForce) for manually running the job "Publish electronic records to CDI", but this job currently fails when attempted to run, and is completely undocumented.  Update: Now advised also by SalesForce that this job was made visible by error, and we will not be able to run the job, but must wait for the scheduled job.



    File: holding.xml

    File: db_ids.xml

    File: searchable_dbids.xml


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