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    How to - Export more records in bulk from Primo Brief Results

    Created By: Stacey van Groll
    Created on: 4/17/2020

    Primo currently supports a a maximum bulk selection and export of 50 results from the original set of results, as of November 2019 (Back Office).

    It's hoped that this will be expanded in time to a higher number, but this limitation is currently in place to prevent performance degradation.

    Workaround: The bulk record selection functionality can be used in conjunction with My Favourites Saved Items to get even more items out of Primo in bulk, as My Favourites does not have a known limit (tested up to 370 items).

    The process is not ideal, and several more steps of some minutes is required, but it may be worth the effort if you really want a very targeted set of results.


    Example steps for a target search of 174 results

    • Select the checkbox at the top of the screen and then Choose Top 50
    • Click on the Pin icon and add a new Label for the set to distinguish it, eg 2020417 Export
    • Uncheck the checkbox at the top of the results list (note that the results change from white to yellow once pinned)
    • Use the pagination widget (bottom left) to go to Page 6, which will refresh the top of the results set to start at No.51
    • Use the Load More Results button 4 times to load 50 more results to screen ie 51-100
    • Return to top and select the top checkbox to select all results on screen
    • Click on the Pin icon and select the 20200417 Export label
    • Repeat for 101-150 and then 151-174
    • Go to My Favourites > Saved Items
    • Choose the label of 20200417 Export to filter the list of Saved Items
    • Click on the checkbox at the top of the list
    • The ellipsis icon will go from greyed out to clickable
      • WARNING: Be very careful not to click on the Unpin icon right beside it, as this will immediately unpin all of the items with no confirmation
    • Select the chosen export option available, such as Email, Print, or Export RIS
    • If you want to unpin the items after export, now click the Unpin icon, which also deletes the label as not in active use for any record


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