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    How to - Improve the display of creator information in Primo Brief Results

    Created By: Stacey van Groll
    Created on: 1/26/2019

    Use Case

    As a user, I want to see the creator of a work more clearly in my initial search results to help me quickly filter results, and select the correct known resource.


    Goal for Administrator

    Display key creator information in Primo Brief Results, avoiding data duplication, and without negatively impacting other Primo functionality.



    The out-of-the-box (OTB) configuration for Primo Title is to use the 245, but without the c subfield for Statement of Responsibility.

    It is desirable from a user perspective to prominently display this field in Brief Results and the Full Record, when quickly skimming a results list.

    It is not desirable to include this author information in the title field in other areas of Primo functionality, such as exports to Endnote, as the outcome will be duplication of author information in both the AU / A1 (addata_au) or A2 (addata_addau), where it should be, and in the T1, where it should not be.


    The OTB configuration for Primo Views Brief Results is to include Creator and Contributor in the 2nd line of the Brief Results via Views Tiles Configuration.

    However, it is undesirable to include Contributors, as there may be many in some instances, particularly for Primo Central Index (PCI records), which leads to a very unattractive display which duplicates data and takes up valuable space.

    Adding the 245 c to the Title field allows for key creator information, commonly editors in locally catalogued works, to be included in the Brief Results display, allowing for the removal of the Contributor field from the View configuration.


    Part of this configuration – in Normalization Rules – affects only your local data, such as Alma.  But also be aware that this change requires associated work in a Mapping Table and in Views Brief Results Tile configuration.  When changing Mapping Tables and Tiles in Views, remember that all records in your Primo instance are affected, regardless of data source ie local and remote via PCI.



    • Configuration time: 30 minutes for active config, but potentially up to 12 hours for local data to be indexed and hotswapped for the UI
    • Configuration difficulty: Medium, requiring changes to two Normalization Rules, a Mapping Table, and Views Tile


    Systems Specs

    • Alma and Primo New UI
    • Primo Multi-tenant Back Office


    Primo Back Office Configuration Areas and order of workflow

    • Alma Normalization Rules – Display section
    • Alma Normalization Rules – Addata section
    • Wait for indexing and hotswap
    • Refworks Fields Mapping Table – SubSystem Front End
    • Primo Back Office – Views / Tiles Configuration / Brief Display / Brief Results / Field to display…


    Primo Back Office – Alma Normalization Rules – PNX Section: Display Title for display_title

    • What to do
      • Add c to the list of Subfields in the display_title rule for 245
      • Save, but don’t yet Deploy the Normalization Rules
    • Additional information
      • Only rules relevant to this configuration have been screenshot.  For example, display_title also includes a second rule for 130, but it has been excluded as no changes are required for this configuration work
      • It is good practice to copy any Display normalization rule changes also to Search normalization rules.  This policy supports users always being clear on why a resource has been returned in search results, by Primo also showing highlighted terms in display fields.  However, there is no need to also adjust Search normalization rules in this case, as the 245 c is already indexed in the Search normalization rules under search_creatorcontrib
        • nb In the November 2018 Primo Release, the option was added to separate the search_creator and the search_contributor fields.  Prior to this release, the Alma MARC template utilised instead the search_creatorcontrib field, which included the 245 c in Rule 18.  In the new version of the template (dated 25.11.18), the 245 c is only in the search_contributor ruleset as Rule 6


    Primo Back Office – Alma Normalization Rules – PNX Section: Addata Book Title in addata_btitle

    • What to do
      • Add this rule and disable the OTB rule for display/title
      • Save and then Deploy your Normalization Rules, and then wait for indexing and hotswap
    • Additional information
      • The Addata section of the PNX is vital for Primo functionality such as generating RIS files and OpenURL data for Citation Send To and Citation Linker (Fetch Item)
      • In many cases, addata has its own rules, based on MARC data.  However, do not assume this is the case, as in some key fields it refers instead directly to other PNX fields, such as display/title and display/publisher
      • Whenever you consider a change to a Display or Search normalization rule, always check the Addata section as well, and make very sure you are aware of all the potential flow-on effects of your change
      • See the ‘Handy Guides’ section at the bottom of the page for some mapping information for the varied uses of this data


    Primo Back Office – Refworks Fields Mapping Table

    • What to do
      • Replace title with primareytitle; title in T1
      • Save and Deploy your Mapping Table
    • Additional information
      • Yes, this mapping table is also used for export of RIS data to EndNote, and not just Refworks, despite the name!
      • primareytitle means btitle or Book Title.  PS I don’t know why there is a typo of primarey instead of primary, but it’s very important to use primarey
      • It is very important to enter primareytitle; title and not just replace title with primareytitle.  This is because the T1 is also used for other types of records, and not just books.  When generating a RIS file, Primo will check the first field listed.  If it exists, it will use that first field to populate the T1 in the RIS file.  If the record does not have primareytitle, then it will check the second field listed for title for display_title, and use that to populate the T1 instead


    Primo Back Office – Views / Tiles Configuration / Brief Display / Brief Results / Field to display…

    • What to do
      • Remove the Contributor field from the Field to display in the 2nd line of the brief results
      • Save and Deploy your Views
    • Additional information
      • nb It is technically unrelated to this work, but you may also wish to change your Normalization Rules for serials to not include a Creation Date field, as these are quite misleading for users in implying that initial publication year of a serial is your actual local coverage


    Example outcomes of this work

    • Both local records now have the 245 c displayed in the Title on the 1st line of the Brief Results
    • No.1 record also has the key creator field in the 2nd line
    • No.2 has the editor details only in the Title display and not repeated in the 2nd line
      • It is technically unrelated to this work, but be aware when looking at the data for No.2 that I have done additional configuration work to map the 700 to addata_au, rather than the OTB of addata_addau seconderyauthor, for improved export functionality into RIS by AU / A1, instead of A2


    No.1 Example Source Record


    No.1 Example relevant sections of the PNX



        <title>The cows / Lydia Davis ; photographs, Lydia Davis, Theo Cote, Stephen Davis.</title>

        <creator>Davis, Lydia 1947-$$QDavis, Lydia, 1947-</creator>


        <creatorcontrib>Lydia,  Davis  1947-</creatorcontrib>

        <creatorcontrib>Davis, Lydia, 1947-</creatorcontrib>

        <creatorcontrib>Davis, L</creatorcontrib>

        <creatorcontrib>Lydia Davis ; photographs, Lydia Davis, Theo Cote, Stephen Davis.</creatorcontrib>

        <title>The cows /</title>




        <au>Davis, Lydia</au>

        <btitle>The cows</btitle>




    No.2 Example Source Record

    No.2 Example relevant sections of the PNX



        <title>Chemical profiles of industrial cow's milk curds / Caterina Barone [and four others].</title>

        <contributor>Barone, Caterina author.$$QBarone, Caterina</contributor>



        <creatorcontrib>Caterina Barone [and four others].</creatorcontrib>

        <creatorcontrib>Caterina,  Barone  author.</creatorcontrib>

        <creatorcontrib>Barone, Caterina,</creatorcontrib>

        <creatorcontrib>Barone, C</creatorcontrib>

        <title>Chemical profiles of industrial cow's milk curds /</title>




        <au>Barone, Caterina</au>

        <btitle>Chemical profiles of industrial cow's milk curds</btitle>





    Handy Guides on mapping Addata fields to OpenURL and RIS data (created locally from Alma and Primo OLH)


    Ex Libris Relevant Guides and OLH


    Edit Log

    6.6.19 Removed this entry from main body and added a fresh screenshot, as Ex Libris corrected the RefWorks Mapping Table in the February 2019 release to allow for using addata_publisher instead of publisher (from the display), which means that I have changed the configuration now to also re-enable CY. SvG

    nb It is technically unrelated to this work, but you may also wish to change your Mapping Table to not include CY for City of Publication, which duplicates PB Publisher, as PB Publisher currently is hardcoded to use the display_publisher, which includes both 260 or 264 a for Place of Publication and b for Publisher (but this may be fixed in a subsequent release in 2019)


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