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    Primo Analytics Cheat Sheet - Action Types in Actions Usage subject area

    Created By: Stacey van Groll
    Created on: 10/13/2018

    This is a work-in-progress spreadsheet which seeks to record

    • expected variations in data between the New UI and the Classic UI
    • unexpected variations in data, associated SalesForce cases and known fixes coming
    • release dates with expected timeframes for when data appear in Analytics
    • discrepancies between the OLH and the actual data in Analytics
    • user-friendly descriptions of the data, where they are not clear in the OLH
    • documentation particularly for Primo Back Office customers, as there is an ongoing trend of Ex Libris not documenting new actions which appear in Back Office at the time they are added, particularly when the action only triggers data in Primo VE

    Note: I am repeatedly giving feedback on these issues in SalesForce casses and in my other interactions with Ex Libris. This has had disappointing results to date as there is very little indication of consistent improvements in prioritizing documentation and transparency in a timely fashion, as I open cases for this almost every quarterly release. Please understand if the spreadsheet is a little behind at times, because this is really not my responsibility, but should be for Ex Libris to document their own system for their own customers.

    Google spreadsheet

    Additional info

    • Action Group, Action Subgroup, Action, and Description were copied from the OLH as at 8.10.18
      • Reviewed and updated 12.4.19
      • Added updates for new data in OBI, which is mostly not yet documented in OLH, for the May 2019 Release as at 7.5.19
      • Reviewed and updated to incorporate changes from November 2019, February 2020, May 2020, and August 2020 releases as at 20.9.2020
    • Row order reflects the order in which data appears in Analytics, rather than the current order of the OLH
    • Row entries include data which appears when null rows are active
    • A column has been added for data appearing in Analytics for Classic UI and New UI
    • A column has been added to note issues with the OLH
    • A column has been added for notes on release dates, local configuration, SalesForce cases, and other relevant information

    OLH - Primo Subject Areas

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