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    Primo Analytics Cheat Sheet - Action Types in Actions Usage subject area

    Created By: Stacey van Groll
    Created on: 10/13/2018

    This is a work-in-progress spreadsheet which seeks to consolidate

    • expected variations in data between the New UI and the Classic UI
    • unexpected variations in data, associated SalesForce cases and known fixes coming
    • release dates with expected timeframes for when data appear in Analytics
    • discrepancies between the OLH and the actual data in Analytics
    • user-friendly descriptions of the data, where they are not clear in the OLH

    Google spreadsheet

    Additional info

    • Action Group, Action Subgroup, Action, and Description were copied from the OLH as at 8.10.18
      • Reviewed and updated 12.4.19
      • Added updates for new data in OBI, which is mostly not yet documented in OLH, for the May 2019 Release as at 7.5.19
      • Pending: Significant changes in the May 2019 and August 2019 Primo Release being added (as at 18.10.19)
    • Row order was then adjusted to reflect the order in which data appears in Analytics, rather than the current order of the OLH
    • Row entries include data which appears when null rows are active
    • A column has been added for data appearing in Analytics for Classic UI and New UI
    • A column has been added to note issues with the OLH
    • A column has been added for notes on release dates, local configuration, SalesForce cases, and other relevant information

    OLH - Primo Subject Areas

    Changes or suggestions 

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