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    Your Move to CDI - Getting Started

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    Your Alma/SFX environment is now enabled with the CDI functionality. Soon you will go live with CDI, and your users will start seeing the benefits of the new index. This document will help you to go from learning how to activate and manage your content for discovery to going live with CDI in four steps:

    1. Prepare Alma/SFX and learn about single activation – Familiarize yourself with the process of activating collections for search in Alma/SFX.

    2. Check your activations – Make sure that your search activations from Primo Central are correctly reflected in Alma/SFX and make changes as needed.

    3. Check out the user experience – Familiarize yourself with how your patrons are going to experience the new discovery index.

    4. Go live with CDI

    Step 1: Prepare Alma/SFX and Learn about Single Activation

    In addition to updating the Alma/SFX documentation, we created several CDI articles to make the move to CDI easy for you. You may want to start with the following CDI articles:

    Step 2: Check Your Activations

    When you are familiar with the new CDI function and fields in Alma/SFX, check out the PC to Alma Activation report in the Alma UI (Resources > Advance Tools > PC to CDI Activation Report) or the PC to SFX Activation report in SFX Admin (Setup & Administration > Central Discovery Index > Configuration). It lists in detail your activations in Primo Central and how they were mapped to Alma/SFX. To help you understand the report, refer to the following document:

    • Understanding the PC to Alma Activation Report – This document explains each column in the report that is becoming available on Alma after we have moved your Primo Central Activation to Alma. It lists in detail all the collections that are active on Primo Central and what was done during the move to Alma.

    • Understanding the PC to SFX Activation Report – This document explains each column in the report that is becoming available on SFX after we have moved your Primo Central Activation to SFX. It lists in detail all the collections that are active on Primo Central and what was done during the move to SFX.

    Not all mappings between Primo Central and CDI are one-to-one. In case of one-to-many or many-to-one mappings, we followed a set of rules. For more information on how collections are mapped to CDI. refer to the following documents:

    Alma and SFX start publishing full text and search activations to CDI immediately after the enablement. The activations are processed within 48 hours. For more information regarding activations, refer to the following document:

    Step 3: Check Out the User Experience

    After you are all set on Alma/SFX and 48 hours have passed, you can check out the new CDI user experience by performing some searches in CDI. In order to view CDI collections in your Primo production environment, simply add &searchCDI=true to the end of your Primo URL. The effect of using this parameter is that searches will run against CDI instead of Primo Central. Because this parameter may not be retained if you select any function in the Primo user interface (such as "new search"), you may need to add it again to continue searching CDI collections. During these tests, your users will not be affected and will continue to search in Primo Central until you switch to production with CDI.

    Because we are moving to a new search engine and CDI contains far more content than Primo Central, there are some notable differences that you may see, for example—CDI will return a much larger number of results for most searches. For more details, refer to the following document:

    Again, you can refer to the following document to see how activations are reflected on the Primo User Interface:

    Step 4: Go Live with CDI

    When you are ready, you can set a switch in your Primo Central institutional profile to go live with CDI. The switch is seamless and may take up to an hour to take effect, and your users should not experience any downtime. This option is available up to the start of your general switchover phase. Please check for the exact date for your Alma environment here and for your SFX environment here.

    You can go live with CDI at any time before the switchover date for Alma and SFX, respectively. On the switchover date, we will switch all remaining customers to production centrally. For more information, see Going Live with CDI.

    Help and Support

    With the help of the early access customers’ feedback, we created extensive documentation to cover all aspects of the move to CDI on the KnowledgeCenter, which should answer many of your questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for and your Alma is already enabled with CDI, please open a support case and select the CDI asset. If you have any additional questions before the enablement, please contact

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