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IBISWorld new feed in CDI

In December 2021 added new content from IBISWorld into CDI. This new content will ensure the discoverability of the most recent content from IBISWorld.


However, due to changes in the provider's metadata format, the new content cannot currently be mapped to represent the separate regional collections and products of IBISWorld.

Therefore, in order to release the content to the community as quickly as possible, we have decided to release all the new content under a single collection: IBISWorld (Alma ID: 6113915960000041, DBID:6EY).


In addition, we have received negative feedback from the community about the old data which is still being used in the regional collection. This data is outdated, and do not provide an accurate information to the end user.


As a result, in June 2022, the old feed of IBISWorld will be removed from the index. The new and improved data will remain in the index, to ensure the best possible discovery experience for the community.


We strongly recommend to all institutions who wish to discover any content of IBISWorld to make sure they activated IBISWorld (Alma ID: 6113915960000041, DBID:6EY).


Article last edited: 19-June-2022

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