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Israeli "Citation Available" Collections in CDI

Citation Available collections

Several bibliographic collections of Hebrew content have a special configuration as "Citation available" Collection. These collections have hybrid content, meaning that a portion of the records have full-text direct linking, while other records are A&I and offer full-text linking via OpenURL only when the record has a title match with an activated portfolio from Alma.

Usually, the direct links to the full-text are external links, and not links to the providers' platform. Meaning, that the direct link to the full-text which was indexed in CDI will lead to the JSTOR platform, for example, and not to the platform of the provider which sent the data to CDI in the first place.

The relevant collections are:

1.    IHP - Index to Hebrew Periodicals - מפתח חיפה למאמרים בעברית (Alma CZ ID: 612420000000000058)

2.    Rambi - Index of Articles on Jewish Studies – רמב"י (Alma CZ ID: 6113913220000041)

3.    Moshe Dayan Center - Tel Aviv University - מרכז משה דיין - אוניברסיטת תל אביב (Alma CZ ID: 6113970610000041)

4.    Szold Institute - Publications - מכון סאלד – פרסומים (Alma CZ ID: 6121640000000041)

5.    Szold Institute - Research Tools - מכון סאלד - כלי מחקר (Alma CZ ID: 6121639990000041)

6.    Beit Ariela Index of Daily Newspapers - מפתח בית אריאלה לעיתונות יומית (Alma CZ ID: 6121539840000041)


To see these records full-text options in Primo, please activate in Alma the collections with unsuppressed BIB record in the institutional zone, or active the collections using the 'Active for full text in CDI only' button. Their content will show in Primo as follows:

  • All records from these collections will appear in the first search in Primo.
  • The records with Direct linking will appear as available with the direct link.
  • Records that do not have a direct link but have a title-match to other Alma/SFX activation (for example Jstor collections) will appear as available with LinkResolver linking.
  • Records with no availability at all will appear in the first search as "Citation Available"

Filtering using the Available Online facet, will filter only records that have full-text linking either by direct linking or OpenURL. the Citation Available results will be excluded and only the available results will appear. Linking to the full-text via OpenURL was added recently for these records, and  no action needed from the customer's side on the Alma/SFX to allow this linking in Primo.


Real-Time Availability

In Primo, Real-Time Availability checks the availability of records against the Alma holding files in real-time, after the end-user opened the record's page from the brief results.
This availability indication in the record's page might be different from the indication on the Brief result since the real-time availability is only triggered in the record's page and not in the brief results. 

In most cases, a difference between the availability check in the brief result and the availability in the item page will occur if the record has no identifiers. Real-Time Availability will try to match also by title name in the record's page, while the CDI rights process in the brief result use identifiers (such as ISSN for example) to find a match between the CDI record and the holding files. In these cases, records might appear as "Citation Available" in Brief results, and when clicking on the result, a link to full-text via link resolver will appear.


IHP sub-collections

One of the citations available collection, IHP - Index to Hebrew Periodicals - מפתח חיפה למאמרים בעברית, has 3 sub-collections.
These sub-collections are not meant to be activated separately from the main IHP collection, and they are should be activated to allow filtering records in the the collection facet by these sub-collections names.

In order to see the new sub-collections in your collection facet, please make sure that IHP main collection is activated in your Alma, and activate the three IHP sub-collections that are detailed below: 

  • מפתח חיפה לכתבי עת אקדמיים ומחקריים - Index to Hebrew Periodicals (IHP): Articles from Research Journals (Alma CZ ID: 615300000000000153)
  • מפתח חיפה לכתבי עת מקצועיים - Index to Hebrew Periodicals (IHP): Articles from Professional Journals (Alma CZ ID: 615300000000000154)
  • מפתח חיפה לכתבי עת שפיטים - Index to Hebrew Periodicals (IHP): Articles from Peer-Reviewed Journals (Alma CZ ID: 615300000000000155)

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