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    Why don't the Summon and Primo Central content teams revise DOI and PMID metadata in CrossRef and PubMed OpenURL augmentation?

    Question: Why don't the Summon and Primo Central content operations teams revise DOI and PMID metadata in CrossRef and PubMed OpenURL augmentation? 


    CrossRef DOI metadata and PubMed PMID metadata is managed by external vendors and accessed by the Alma, SFX, and 360 Link link resolvers to augment OpenURL metadata. Ex Libris content operations does not have control over metadata retrieved in these external systems.


    How does OpenURL augmentation work?

    1. The user performs a search in Primo or Summon, and clicks on the link to full-text.

    2. Primo or Summon sends an OpenURL to the link resolver (Alma, SFX, or 360 Link). This OpenURL contains all the metadata from the Primo or Summon record.
        •    This is specific to OpenURL linking. If your link is using Index-Enhanced Direct Linking, this is ignored.

    3. If there is a PMID or DOI in the OpenURL, the link resolver will do an API call to CrossRef or PubMed to find the metadata they have associated with that PMID or DOI.
        •    If you are using Alma or SFX link resolvers, the CrossRef metadata will replace the metadata retrieved from Primo or Summon (as long the "CrossRef connection" setting is "On"), while PubMed metadata will always replace the metadata retrieved from Primo or Summon.
        •    If you are using the 360 Link resolver, the CrossRef or PubMed metadata will augment the metadata retrieved from Summon. Any missing metadata fields will be populated, but metadata not will be replaced.

    4. The link resolver will use the CrossRef or PubMed enhanced metadata to find a title match in the knowledgebase, then to construct an outbound link to the full-text target.


    Where does CrossRef and PubMed metadata come from?

    Publishers supply metadata directly to CrossRef and PubMed where it is stored in their systems and assigned a PMID or DOI identifier. Because the metadata comes directly from the publisher it is generally high-quality, but occasionally there are errors.


    How is CrossRef and PubMed metadata corrected?

    In cases where users identify errors and inconsistencies in the metadata, CrossRef and PubMed need to receive corrected metadata from the primary publisher. This process does not involve the ExLibris Content Operations team as it's a relationship between external vendors. Once the publishers update their metadata with CrossRef or PubMed, the corrected metadata is then utilized in the Alma/SFX augmentation processes. This workflow ensures long-term consistency between the primary publisher, aggregator databases, and delivery products.

    If you have found an indexing error in either the CrossRef or PubMed metadata, they can be contacted here:


    PubMed: pubmedcentral@ncbi.nlm.nih.giv




    Additional details and configuration instructions for improving linking through Alma and SFX link resolver augmentation can be found at:



    • Article last edited: 19-Aug-2019