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    Displaying PNX Records from Primo Front End

    Displaying a PNX Record from the UI

    While performing searches in the Front End UI, you can view a PNX record from the record's Full Display page.
    To display the PNX record from the record's full display:
    1. Run a search on the FE.

    2. Display the Full Results for an item.

    3. Add the following parameter to the end of the search URL and then submit the modified URL:

      It may be useful to paste the updated URL in another window so that you can view both the Full Results page and the PNX record.

    Using the REST API to Display a PNX Record

    You can also use the showPnx REST API to display the PNX record.

    • Primo_domain – Specify the DNS for Primo's UI.

    • context – Specify the record's context: L (local scope), PC (Primo Central), or ALL (all scopes).

    • record_ID – Specify the record's ID.

    • Primo_institution_code – Specify the code for your Primo institution.

    To to use the REST API to display PNX record:
    1. Determine the record ID for the record that you want to display. This can be found by inspecting the URL on the record's full display page.


      Locate Record ID in Record's URL
    2. Open a new tab or window in the browser and enter the showPnx API call.

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