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    Managing Local Fields

    This information is not applicable to Primo VE environments. For more details on Primo VE configuration, see Primo VE.
    You can define a maximum of 200 local fields in the Additional Data (lad), Display (lds), Enrichment (lrn), Facets (lfc), Links (lln), Search (lsr), and Sort (lso) sections of the PNX record.
    To create customized local fields:
    1. On the Back Office’s home page, select Advanced Configuration.
      The Advanced Configuration page opens.
    2. Select All Code Tables.
      The Code Tables page opens. For more information, see Code Tables.
    3. To configure the local fields, click Edit next to the row that contains the Front End Display Fields table.
      The system opens the Front End Display Fields.
    4. Select the Enable check box next to the row that contains the local field that you are customizing.
      This enables the field to appear in the Normalization Set Editor page.
      The local fields are located at the end of the list of fields, and always begin with the letter l and two characters from the PNX section. For example, use lds01 for the first local field of the Display section.
    5. In the field name, edit the name of the local field. This name opens next to the field on the Normalization Set Editor page.
      You have customized a local field in the Normalization Set Editor page.