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    Hiding the Clear All Mechanism

    Out of the box, the Clear All mechanism appears for the various searches. You can disable them individually by changing your localized CSS file.
    The following figure shows the Clear All mechanism on the Simple Search page:
    Clear All on Simple Search Page
    The following figure shows the Clear All mechanism on the Advanced Search page:
    Clear All on Advanced Search Page
    To hide the Clear All mechanism:
    1. Log on to the Back Office server as the primo user.
      Instead of accessing the server directly (as shown in steps 1 and 2), it is recommended to use the File Uploader utility (see The File Uploader Tool) to manage and publish CSS changes to the Primo Front End UI.
    2. Enter the following commands to access and open the CSS file that is used to customize your view:
      cd css
      vi <custom_css>.css
      It is not recommended to modify the default Primo CSS, which can be overwritten during updates. For more information regarding the customization of Primo views, see the Primo Technical Guide.
    3. Add the following lines to your localized CSS file to hide the Clear All mechanism for various types of searches:
      • Browse search:
        .EXLBrowseSearchFieldRibbonFormSearchClear {display:none;}
      • A to Z list:
        .EXLSearchEJorunals .EXLSearchFieldRibbonFormSearchClear {display:none;}
      • Simple search:
        #exlidSearchTile .EXLSearchFieldRibbonFormSearchClear {display:none;}
        #exlidSearchTile.EXLSearchEJournals.EXLSearchFieldRibbonFormSearchClear {display:block;}
      • Advanced search:
        #exlidClearSelectedFieldsAdvancedSearch {display:none !important;}
    4. Save the changes to the CSS file.
    5. On the Primo Home > Deploy All page, select all options and click Deploy.