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Tips for Former Mendeley Users


  • RefWorks plugin for Word is called Write-N-Cite. To download it, select Tools from the user menu. It's available for Windows and for Mac OS X and higher.
  • Mendeley folders translate to RefWorks folders. They are powerful and easy to use, and have no practical limitations.
  • RefWorks has a simple and powerful method of sharing: you simply share documents at the collection level as opposed to Mendeley's separate groups. Share them with select fellow researchers, or with everyone at your institution. You can also collaborate on document gathering and annotation.
  • RefWorks has a rich set of reference fields. If you need fields you don't see in the Edit Reference page, see RefWorks Reference Fields and Types.
  • To create a bibliography you can paste into a paper, navigate to the collection you'd like to base your bibliography on (or to All Documents, if you want to use everything you have). Either use all the reference in the collection or select the reference you wish to use and select Create Bibliography > Create Bibliography. Select one of the over 3000 available styles and copy it to clipboard. Then simply paste the formatted bibliography into your document.
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