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    Importing a Custom Output Style in RefWorks

    To import a custom output style from another user:
    1. Save the RWB/ZIP file sent to you by your colleague on your computer.
    2. Open the Backup & Restore page in your RefWorks account (Tools >Backup).


    3. Select the Restore option.


    4. Select the Choose File button and select the file saved on your computer.
    5. Mark the Include Output Styles option.



      Make sure to select this option only, so as not to overwrite your references.
    6. Select the Perform Restore button to import the file.

    The style will be added to your output style list in red and can be used as any other output style on that list. You may have to add the output style using the Output Style Manager accessed by selecting it under the Bibliography menu in your account. Enter the name of the new output style and add it as a Favorite.

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