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    Adding references manually

    • Product: New RefWorks

    RefWorks has many different ways to get your citations and full-text into your library, but there may be times when you will need to enter the citation information yourself.

    To manually enter citation information:

    1. Click the "Add" User-added image icon at the top of the page and select Create new reference.  If you plan on adding the item to an existing collection, click on the collection first, then click the "Add User-added image icon.

    You'll have three options:

    • Drag and drop a file (or files)
    • Select an existing file from your computer
    • Manually add the record by typing in the data


    1. You can drag and drop a document (.pdf, .doc, etc.) directly into the Drop file here box or click select a file from your computer to upload an existing MS Office, Open Office or .pdf file from your computer.   Only 1 document per item allowed.   RefWorks will try to extract the file meta-date to help populate your reference.

    Tip:  If you have multiple documents to add to RefWorks, you can select and drag them all at once.  RefWorks will create separate items for each.

    1. Select your reference type.  The reference type directly impacts what information prints in your bibliography and what fields are available for you to enter.  As you enter your title, RefWorks will attempt to make suggestions at the bottom of the page.  If you see your reference, click on it to fill in the rest of the information.



    1. Be sure you have the proper Source Type selected (your reference is either print or electronic).  The Source Type will determine if certain fields of information print in your bibliography as specified by your citation style.  An example would be printing a DOI number.  If the electronic source type is not set, this will not print.  
    2. You can display additional fields by clicking on the Add more fields drop-down box at the bottom of the page. 
    3. Click Save at the top of your reference.

    click "Save" and your item will be added to your Flow library.


    • Article last edited: 19-Sep-2017
    • Old Article Number: 11672