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    Make Rosetta use MXF Generic Thumbnail Rule instead of DEFAULT Generic Thumbnail Rule

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 3

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Rosetta will apply the MXF Generic Thumbnail Rule for MXF files.

    1. Go to Advanced Configuration > Repository > General Settings > Generic Thumbnail Creation Rules > MXF Generic Thumbnail Rule Details and add the following:
    Input Dynamic Parameters:
    * Dnx Section: generalFileCharacteristics
    * Dnx Section Key: fileExtension
    * Operator: String Equals
    * Value: mfx

    Output Parameters:
    * Parameter: Generic Thumbnail
    * Result: MXF (Default thumbnail for MXF files)

    2. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the "MXF Generic Thumbnail Rule / MP4 Generic Thumbnail Rule" is **ABOVE** the “DEFAULT Generic Thumbnail Rule” in the rule list.
    The most exceptional rules should be at the top of the rule list and the more generic rules should be listed closer to the bottom of the list.

    Additional Information

    Note that the AR (access rights) policy is checked before delivering the Rosetta thumbnail to Primo (new in v3.2.1.)
    This setting is configurable (true/false).
    If set to false, the AR Policy is no longer checked and the video default thumbnail is used.
    When a user clicks to view the file an "on-site use only" message displays.
    If the AR policy is set to false and the generic thumbnail rules include a rule that's based on the AR policy (e.g., policyID=AR_IP_RANGE), the thumbnail could be created and displayed with an "on-site use only" indication.
    Note that this would also display when the user is actually on site.

    Documentation: Rosetta Configuration Guide > Chapter 8 Repository-Related Configurations > Thumbnail Creation Rules

    Category: Access Right - Rosetta

    Subject: Rosetta

    • Article last edited: 4/17/2014