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    OAI Publishing Configuration: A Profile already exists with Metadata Format but with a different Converter Plugin

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 7.0


    Adding new Publishing Configuration's Profile for OAI publishing ('Target Type' of "OAIPublisherPlugin") is not possible.
    The following message appears when trying to save the Profile:

    A Profile already exists with Metadata Format: <format name> but with a different Converter Plugin: <converter_name> Please choose a new Metadata Format


    The chosen 'Metadata Format' is already used in another Publishing Configurations' profile.

    Rosetta prevents users from creating different publishing profiles with the same 'Metadata Format'.
    In some cases this behavior makes sense, however it does not cover all cases. In most cases it is safe to bypass it using the workaround below.

    For more information on OAI publishing limitations in Rosetta, refer to THIS Knowledge Center Article.

    Replication Steps

    1. Access 'Rosetta Management' → 'Publishing Configuration' → Add 'New Configuration' or 'Update' existing configuration → Click on 'Profile' tab
    2. Click on 'Add Profile'
      1. For 'Target Type' choose "OAIPublisherPlugin", fill the rest of the required fields, click 'Next'
      2. Under 'OAI-Publisher Publisher Parameters' choose 'Metadata Format' value that is already being used in a profile of a different Publishing Configuration, fill the rest of the required fields, Click 'Save'.
    3. The Message mentioned above will appear warning that saving the Profile is not possible.


    DO NOT use this workaround to publish the same IE(s) using multiple Publishing Configurations

    1. At 'Add Profile' 2nd screen (After Replication Steps 1-2.I done) select unused 'Metadata Format' → Click 'Save'.
    2. Click 'Duplicate' on the newly created Profile → Changed its 'Metadata format' value to the one needed (used 'Metadata Format') → Click 'Save'.
    3. Click 'Delete' on the Profile created in step 1.
    4. Click 'Save' to save change to the Publishing Configuration.

    To add a new/unused 'Metadata Format' in the system, two changes are needed to be performed* in the Administration Module:

    1. Access 'Configuration Files' → 'File Group' of "External Interfaces"  → 'Sub-Group' of "OAI_provider" → Edit 'oaiproviderconfig.xml' and  add another 'Metadata Format' entry.

      For example - first duplicate:




      Then, change the duplicate's 'metadataPrefix' value (e.g. to "oai_dc_2").
      Eventually, the original and duplicate should look like:











      When finished editing → Click 'Save'.
    2. Access 'Code Tables' → Edit 'OAI Meta data format' → Select the needed 'Languages' from top of the screen → fill the needed data beneath 'Create a New Code Table Row' → Click 'Create' → Click 'Save'.
      Code: "oai_dc_2"
      Description: "oai_dc_2"
      'Language' field can be left empty.
    * For a demonstration, please refer to the following video guide (starting 20:56):


    • Article last edited: 02-May-2021
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