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    Rosetta 7.1 Service Pack - Special instructions for Solr upgrade and rollback

    • Product: Rosetta
    • Product Version: 7.1


    Rosetta versions 5.4 - 7.0 use Solr version 6.5.
    In Rosetta 7.1, Solr was upgraded to version 7.3.1.

    Special instructions for service pack installation (and rollback)

    During Rosetta 7.1 service pack installation:
    A backup of the current Solr index from each IDX server is created under $op_dir/indexes_backup_solr_6.5.0/<IDX server hostname>/
    This means that installation might take longer than usual and that enough disk space must be available under $op_dir (i.e. Operational Shared Storage)

    In case Rosetta version 7.1 is rolled back to the previously installed Rosetta version (using util sp in the Linux command line interface):
    Solr indexing will not work - in this scenario Rosetta's features/screens that depends on Solr (e.g. 'Search for Objects' screen, SRU, etc) will not work as well.
    There are two options to resolve this:

    1. Re-index the whole repository (Rosetta Administration  General  Index Status → Click 'Reindex Full Repository' from both 'Permanent Index' and 'Operational index' tabs)
    2. Manually copy the Solr index from $op_dir/indexes_backup_solr_6.5.0/  to Solr index path** in each IDX role server of the environment.
      ** Out-of-the-box Solr index path is: /exlibris/dps/d4_1/profile/solr/data/
           To get current Solr index path, run:
      grep $dps_system/conf/|cut -d= -f2

    With option 2 above-mentioned: entities indexed by Rosetta 7.1 (before rollback) will be missing from Solr index after restoring the backup.

    • Article last edited: 06-Jul-2023