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    SFX: AM Adam Matthew - Upcoming content roadmap

    • Product: Alma, 360 KB, SFX
    • Product Version: all
    • Relevant for Installation Type: all

    When will new Adam Matthew Content be available in Ex Libris knowledgebases? 


    AM (Adam Matthew) have provided Ex Libris with a roadmap of their upcoming collections. In general, title lists and MARC records will be available for collections 2-4 months after the product launches on AM's platform. The below information includes the launch date of collections and the status of metadata delivery to Ex Libris. 

    Product Launch on AM Collection Name Metadata expected from AM Status
    March 2023 Broadcasting America: The Rise of Mass Media and Communication   Scheduled to be added by October 2023
    April 2023 Royal Shakespeare Company Archives: From Playwrights to Performance   Metadata received
    May 2023 Conflict in Indochina: Foreign Office Files for Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, 1959 - 1979: Section I: Crisis and Upheaval, 1959 – 1964 Metadata received
    September 2023 Colonial Caribbean: Module 3       Not yet launched
    September 2023 British Newsreels, 1911-1930: Culture and Society on Film             Not yet launched
    October 2023 Human Rights: Amnesty International         Not yet launched
    November 2023 AM Research Methods: Interrogating Colonial Documents and Narratives    Not yet launched
    December 2023 1980s Culture and Society   Not yet launched


    As we add these new collections to the KB, we will include the last 12 months' worth of collection info in the KBs below (Collection IDs and Names across the products). 

    Collection Name Alma Collection ID 360 DB Code SFX Target Name SFX Target ID
    Foreign Office Files for South East Asia, 1963-1966, Cold War in the Pacific, Trade Relations, and the Post-Independence Period, 1963-1966 614910000000002247 AEIBV FOREIGN_OFFICE_FILES_FOR_SOUTH_EAST_ASIA_1963-1966_COLD_WAR_IN_THE_PACIFIC_TRADE_RELATIONS_AND_THE_POST-INDEPENDENCE_PERIOD_1963-1966 4910000000002247
    Colonial Caribbean Module II: Colonial Government and Abolition, 1833-1849 615450000000005380 SIEOU COLONIAL_CARIBBEAN_MODULE_II_COLONIAL_GOVERNMENT_AND_ABOLITION_1833-1849 5450000000005380
    East India Company, Module V 615470000000001175 EAHCE EAST_INDIA_COMPANY_MODULE_V 5470000000001175
    Interwar Culture Module I: 1920s 614920000000003595 AMRWT INTERWAR_CULTURE_MODULE_I_1920S 4920000000003595
    Interwar Culture Module II: 1930-1939 615470000000001176 INEGR INTERWAR_CULTURE_MODULE_II_1930-1939 5470000000001176
    Africa and the New Imperialism: European Borders on the African Continent, 1870-1914 615470000000001174 ANFIK AFRICA_AND_THE_NEW_IMPERIALISM_EUROPEAN_BORDERS_ON_THE_AFRICAN_CONTINENT_1870-1914 5470000000001174
    Life at Sea: Seafaring in the Anglo-American Maritime World, 1600-1900 615470000000001177 CSKPU LIFE_AT_SEA_SEAFARING_IN_THE_ANGLO-AMERICAN_MARITIME_WORLD_1600-1900 5470000000001177
    Mass Observation Project: Module II 1990s 614920000000003597 MIOLG MASS_OBSERVATION_PROJECT_MODULE_II_1990S 4920000000003597
    Mass Observation Project: Module III 2000s 614970000000000473 FVDIE MASS_OBSERVATION_PROJECT_MODULE_III_2000S 4970000000000473
    The Gilded Age and Progressive Era 614920000000003596 AMGXF THE_GILDED_AGE_AND_PROGRESSIVE_ERA 4920000000003596
    Victorians on Film: Entertainment, Innovation and Everyday Life 615470000000001178 VINTM VICTORIANS_ON_FILM_ENTERTAINMENT_INNOVATION_AND_EVERYDAY_LIFE 5470000000001178



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