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Using the Wiley AutoLoader for SFX

The Wiley AutoLoader in SFX allows institutions to update their holdings within the Wiley journals and books offerings in a single automated process. Once enabled, the process automatically downloads a KBART formatted holdings file from the Wiley platform to your SFX environment, uploads the file, and updates your holdings in the Wiley collections. For this purpose, we added the following dedicated targets to the SFX KnowledgeBase that reflect all books and journals available from Wiley:


The process uses a token to identify which holdings file belongs to which institution.

Obtaining the Institutional Token

The Wiley Online Library admin dashboard allows you to generate access tokens that SFX can use to retrieve the institutional KBART holdings report through the KBART automation API.

To obtain the institutional token:
  1. Log on to the Literatum website from an authorized IP address, if applicable.
  2. Open the Institutional Administration interface in the user profile.
  3. Select the Automated Title Lists tab from the sidebar menu. If you are administering multiple institutions, select the institution for which you want to generate the access tokens from the drop-down list.


    Automated Title Lists
  4. To generate an access token for SFX, select Ex Libris SFX from the Provider drop-down list and click Generate Token.
    • If there is already an active access token for a service provider, the service provider is not listed in the drop-down list.
    • More information can be found in Wiley’s full guide.

    The access token that is generated for the selected service provider is listed in the Active tokens section.


    Active Tokens
  5. In the Active tokens section, click Copy across from the service provider to copy the access token to your clipboard. This token can be used in the Ex Libris SFX Wiley autoloader configuration.
After creating a new access token, it may take up to a week before the first KBART file for this token is available for your institution. The KBART files are generated once a week (usually on Sunday) so for the first week, no KBART file may be available yet.

Enabling the AutoLoader Process on SFX

After you obtain the institutional token, you can enable the AutoLoader process on SFX.

To enable the AutoLoader process on SFX:
  1. Activate the following collections including their full text services (getFulltxt) in the SFX KBManager:
  2. In the Edit Target Service window of each of the two collections, open the Autoload tab. Select the Active option and add your token, as well as your email address to receive notifications. You can use the top right link to schedule the process with the task manager - for example, to run on a weekly basis.


    Autoload Tab

The holdings files always contain all your holdings. The process activates and localizes newly added items and deactivates items that no longer appear on the holdings list. The same process is also available for Elsevier, Springer, and Ovid journals and books.

For more information, refer to the Target Services section in the SFX General User's Guide.

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