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    Summon: Client Center Account Permissions

    • Product: Summon

    What Client Center permissions are needed to administer the Summon service?

    To make changes to your Summon service, each person in your library who has a Client Center account will need to have specific permission to make changes.
    Information about permissions for all tools in the Client Center can be found on the Account Management Terms and Permissions document. And information on how to change them can be found here.
    However, not all accounts need access to all tools, and the following table explains the tools and permissions that could be necessary when working on your library's Summon service:
    Client Center Permission Why Summon client account holders need that permission
    360 Link Customization Access to the 360 Link Administration Console to view (and change) details of your library's 360 Link service
    Data Management Required to add database subscriptions to the Client Center profile. Areas in which database and holdings subscription information are managed, including subscription status, holdings selections, URLs, coverage dates, notes and authentication information.
    Data On Demand Required to generate Data on Demand reports. This tool allows account holders to download complete or partial lists of the holdings managed in the Client Center.
    Summon Customization Required for accessing the Summon Administration Console. The Summon Administration Console is where configure your library's patron-facing interface and access usage reports.
    Library Accounts Required for setting up client center accounts and managing permissions. Areas that display details about accounts that are attached to your Client Center profile, such as the Account Management page, view account page, edit account page, and add account page.
    Library Information Areas that display administrative information within the Client Center, such as Library Name, Institution Name, Library Website Address, Proxy URL, OPAC, and Library/Institutional IP's.
    Local Holdings Management Area where a database of library-specific holdings (for example, print titles, microfiche, etc.) can be created and managed. Titles can be added to the database individually or uploaded from a file and updated as needed.
    User Authentication Customization Required access to the User Authentication Administration Console to view (and change) details of your library's User Authentication feature. User Authentication is required to set up the way in which patrons access library subscriptions.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 21-Feb-2014
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