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    Circulation: Patron SIF Breaker Maker for Windows PC

    Created By: Wolfgang Riesterer
    Created on: 5/14/2019

    [This article was copied from the Voyager Wiki.]

    wrVOYutl: This program is a 32-bit Windows text-based (non-GUI)  software and contains several conversion utilities that  deal with the maintenance of the patron database of the Ex Libris Voyager library automation system. For one, wrVOYutl will take a file created by Voyager's "ptrnextr" and convert it into a CSV file (and vice versa) for use on a PC system. Once you have the patron file as CSV file on your PC available, you can use almost any spreadsheet or database program to import it.  Likewise, after you've done manipulating data and saved it back as a CSV file type, wrVOYutl will convert it back into the 2000.1 (1999.x) SIF file format ready to upload to Voyager's production server and process with Voyager's "ptrnupdt".

    Follow link to download files:

    As of October 2010, Mr. Riesterer states the Voyager applications on his dowload page all still work with current versions of Voyager, including 6.x and 7.x. Patron SIF Breaker will work with Voyager 6.5.4  and higher as long as the SIF format hasn't changed.

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